5 Trends in London Fashion Week

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London Fashion Week 2014 starts today. Regent Street, London’s high end fashion street, looks like a Zoo!! I mean that literally. It has everything to do with this year’s fashion!! Let me share with you the 5 trends to steal directly from London’s fashion paradise, not to mention the catwalk.

Mouse over each image to learn more about the new collection & fashion trends.

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5 Trends to Steal from London Fashion Week

Illustrated with what’s on display right now in the shops in London’s Regent Street.

  1. Fashion Trend #1. Fur. That includes Hats, Fur Collars, Fur Vests and Fur Fashion Accessories. (Faux-) Fur is everywhere. That was the realization that went through my mind all morning long. All major designer houses on Regent street feature fur in the window and throughout the entire collection.
  2. Fashion Trend #2. Animal Print. To complement all that fur, there are loads of animal prints on shirts, dresses, jackets, cardigans, and scarves. Pair them with faux-snake skin stiletto heel Fall sandals.

    Get the look: DIY Animal Print Earrings

  3. Fashion Trend #3. Ornate Jewelry. This year, we moved from chunky to super-chunky necklaces. Think: giant golden chains! Loads of faux jewels, particularly ornamental necklaces as well as jewel-adorned hairbands

    Get the look: Chunky Beaded Necklace w silk Ribbon


  4. Fashion Trend #4. Colors: Black, White (or grey) + 1 (neon) Color. London fashion is filled with black/white tops and dresses. Then, for contrast or accent colors, think: citrine-yellow, gold, lapis lazuli -blue, carnelian-orange, grey, beige, mustard or any other brown-tone to create that earlier-mentioned animal print or faux fur fabric. Neon-color accents are still in vogue as well.

    Get the look: DIY Bold Graphic Heart T-shirt

  5. Fashion Trend #5. Textures: Woven fabrics. It’s all about balance. The furriness of faux-fur collars is paired with thin, sheer shirts and dresses. If fur is not your thing, then indulge in first nation/Mexican inspired woven scarves or, better still-woven ponchos.

    Get the look: How to Make Yr Own Loom + Woven Silk Scarf or Belt

This is the pret-a-porter fashion that everyone could actually wear this Fall/Winter. You can probably buy it in a shop near you, soon.

However, if you want to make a bolder statement, be a bit more future focused and really be ‘in vogue’, check out what’s on the actual cat-walk this week. Today’s most ‘interesting’ look is Nasir Mazhar’ sports-inspired Autumn Winter 2014 collection. What do you think? What fashion are you going to wear this Autumn??  How to decide? Londonfashionweek.co.uk ?! I’d go for Anthropologie instead.

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