Globe as Travel Piggy Bank for Savings

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: Done with dark, gloomy, terrible weather? Want to trek to the sun? Bitten by the travel bug, Rad Megan (‘In Words+Pictures’) shows how she motivates herself to save up for that really cool, albeit a bit pricier vacation.

(Air travel is costly. We all need a travel piggy bank!!!! I know ~ I traveled so much last year. Having said this, pick the right time of the year, you can find much better air travel deals and huge savings. Anyhow, that’s a topic for another day. Meanwhile,…)

…. I want to show you Megan’s fun and soulful creative design today. And that is, her globe with a secret compartment for her travel savings. Kind of like a giant travel piggy bank!

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See that?  Really creative.


‘Place it (your travel piggy bank) at a prominent spot,’ she says, ‘so you are reminded daily you are saving for that big trip.’

Wonderful idea for day dreaming…



Craft Supplies

What you’ll need for to make this travel piggy bank:

  • sharp knife to cut a square out of your globe;
  • sticky tape, to tape it back in, tape being on the inside
  • a ruler, to keep your knife in line with the world’s meridians
  • A globe: use the one you already have, or scour one at your local goodwill store.



Mark Your Travel Dreams On Your Globe Travel Piggy Bank

How about … shopping in Paris , London or New York ?!

Or, kayak travel in Thailand or the Philippines?  Snorkeling in the Australia?

Looks like Megan wants to go to Greece.


So many people to visit,  so many places to see…   all around the world.

Where do you want to go?


Source/More info: Megan’s goal for her blog, “In Words and Pictures” is to provide crafts, recipes and inspiration to make every day a little more rad. Well, she sure is succesful as to me, this travel savings piggy bank is pretty rad!

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