Super nautical beach bag: an inspiration to make your own

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This post about tote bags is really about looking, being critical and then taking common things a notch up.

I am sure you have seen many of these classic knitted bags around. If you are interested in a free knitting pattern for this basic tote classic, you’ve come to the right place.

fashion summer tote bag italy

However, today I want to inspire you to not stop designing when you’ve finished knitting.

Now have a look at these bags, side by side. One costs you the wool of a previously loved sweater, or perhaps you’ve found raffia or other summery yarn to work with, which would be better for a summer tote bag. However, the other would set you back Eur300, or about US$400.

I have to say that I prefer the nautical themed bag, don’t  you, despite the extra investment. However, if you look at the extras in this bag, you could do these. Yes, you can.

Designer Tote Bag Detailing

Let me work through the list of bag embellishments:

1. Cut out 3 anchors on sturdy white fabric or leather. Sew around the edges to give them a nice finish and then hand-sew them onto your bag.

2. Make two ropes for your bag: one for the handles, and one for the top rim of the bag. Click here for a tutorial on how to make rope for bags. Allow extra length for the two knots in the handles which give body and changes the overall visual shape / lines of the bag.

3. Let this bag match all your silvery things in your wardrobe, and simultaneously, create a save closure of this bag so that your fab objects don’t all fall out when the bag accidentally falls on its side. How-to: Cut a strip of silver fabric of about 4-5 inches, depending on your actual bag dimensions.  Sew a tunnel on one site, and attach the other side of the fabric to the top rim of the bag.  Make an equally long strip of 1 inch, fold the edges inside and stitch it on your sewing machine. This is your drawstring. With the help of a safety pin pull it through the tunnel on the top of your bag.

4. Notice how the rope around the bag is finished off with a knot and silver fabric studs at the end.

5. What is not visible here but envisionable by me is to line the entire bag with that silver fabric for the top enclosure. Either with that fabric, or white flannel.

Over to YOU

I hope you are inspired and learned something new. When am I going to see YOUR bags??? Why not add them (with a tutorial) to my weekly Craft/DIY Link Party ? I’d love to see them. So, see you soon at the party. If you miss this week’s deadline, next week Wednesday there will be a new opportunity for you.

Bag Making Tip: WHERE To Buy this Basic Beach Bag

Here are a couple of basic straw bags that are good ones to begin with. Add just a touch of nautical to it, and a load of sequins/glitter & ribbons, etc, you’ll have your own version of nautical glamor bag.

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