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Great to take this one with you on vacation to France!  This bread tote bag free pattern is quite simple, yet its boxy bottom makes it unique.  It’s a bag shape that you’ll love. Easy to make and utterly useful, this tote bag fits 2 big baguettes breads.

However, if you prefer to stalk around town with it, it is equally great to store your knitting project (yes!), with room for your water bottle and a snack, being so tall and slender. Great for a lunch break in the park. And, handy as an extra bag to have when shopping.

free bread bag pattern
bread bag square bottom

Tall Tote Bag

I like this tote bag’s shape, don’t you? It has a lovely square bottom and long handles, whose drop just fits over your shoulder without the overall bag length becoming too long.

Your Free Bag Pattern

It will be a fast project, suitable for a beginning seamstress.

Click here for your free tote bag pattern:
Bread Grocery Tote Bag


Tote Bag Fabrics

Secret to success for this one is to choose a pretty fabric which pattern supports the bag’s shape, like these meandering tropical flowers here. Or how about this happy sets of blue fabric (below)?

Tip: Buy some extra for some fun garden pillows, and some trim around your bath towels and perhaps a little table cloth for your kitchen table.

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Ultimately functional, sturdy AND FABULOUSLY Modern-looking Tote Bag and check the Bags section of this site for a great overview of all kind of beautiful free accessories and bag patterns and bag design ideas.

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