Top ideas for small bathrooms: go big on style to make it look amazing


Today, let’s talk about making small bathrooms awesome. Even if your bathroom is small, we’ll show you how to make it look and feel fancy. Whether you have a little guest bathroom or a small powder room, these ideas will help turn your space into a special retreat that’s both useful and beautiful.

Top Ideas for Small Bathrooms that are Big News

Use Shelves for More Storage

Small bathrooms often don’t have much space to keep things. But don’t worry! You can use tall shelves that stick to the wall. These shelves not only help you keep things organized but also give you a place to display cool stuff like candles, small plants, or pretty toiletries.

Tiles for a Cool Look

Pick tiles that make your bathroom look cool and fancy. Light-colored tiles work best because they make the space seem larger. You can choose tiles in different patterns like subway tiles, herringbone, or tiny mosaic pieces to make your bathroom interesting.


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Luxe, modern bathroom design ideas & inspiration

I particularly love the lighting on the back wall which makes this bathroom an oasis of art.

The glass panel as the shower keeps the space completely open and airy.

Result: an amazing, monochromatic modern chic bathroom, that looks to be easily maintained as well.

Source: Amanda Thompson,

Mirrors Make Things Look Bigger

Mirrors are like magic in small bathrooms. Put them in the right place, and they can make your bathroom look much bigger. You can use one big mirror or a bunch of small mirrors. They don’t just reflect light; they also add a touch of glamour.


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small powder bathroom design ideas - updated 2024- 2025

Gorgeous classic powder bathroom design ideas

Marble floor, classic sink and toilet, brass faucet and fixtures, vintage art in golden frames, faux panelling on the walls, and a lovely warm green paint. Rather than a different color, the trim on the panel boxes, baseboards, and door are painted in a slightly shiner, satin paint, to contrast with eggshell paint on the walls.

By blogger Jennifer who writes at Making Pretty Spaces

Wallpaper Adds Personality

Make your small bathroom stand out with fun wallpaper. You can choose patterns you like, whether it’s flowers, cool shapes, or soft watercolors. Wallpaper is an easy way to add your own style without taking up space on the floor.


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Bathroom design inspiration ideas by interior designer Mindy Gayer

San Francisco classic powder bathroom design ideas

Bold wall paper and matching mirror and wall trim gives the mirror a build-in look and feel. Marble slab makes gives the bathroom a luxury lift.

Source: Mindy Gayer

Fancy Fixtures for Small Spaces

Look for cool bathroom things that don’t take up too much room. Wall-mounted sinks and toilets are great examples. They look modern and help your bathroom feel bigger. Find ones with a sleek and cool design.

Good Lighting Makes a Difference

Light up your small bathroom with special lights. You can use hanging lights, lights on the wall, or even cool LED strips. Good lighting not only makes your bathroom look better but also makes it feel cozy and welcoming.


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Bathroom design inspiration ideas by interior designer Mindy Gayer

Modern coastal master bathroom design

Bathroom design inspiration ideas by interior designer Mindy Gayer

Source: Mindy Gayer

Bring in Nature

Add some natural things to your bathroom to make it feel calm and nice. Small plants, bamboo stuff, or a wooden shelf can make your bathroom look and feel more peaceful.


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Master bathroom design

Source: Anthology creatives


Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t look amazing. Try out these ideas, and you’ll see how your small space can be both useful and super stylish. Have fun making your bathroom awesome!

Bathroom Design Trends 2024

I’ve been reading on this topic and came to the following conclusions:

  1. To bring authenticity in every room of your home, the bathroom design should match the overall vibe of the rest of your home. Makes sense, right?!
  2. All white is going to be too sterile for 2024 and beyond. So opt for natural materials and some color. Check.
  3. Boring loo’s and subway tiles are both out. Go for something more luxurious instead.
  4. The vessel bathroom sinks that sit on top of a counter are also being reconsidered, as they’ve not been practical in any homes.
  5. And in line with all the new hunger for authenticity and a tat more coziness is a trend for cheeky wall paper, mix-n-match metal fittings.
  6. Lighting is always important in any room, and again, besides being practical, it’s a great way to personalise your private space and set that spa mood you may be after.

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