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Lovely Barbie dresses? Affordable ones??

Look no further. Let the dress up games begin. You can now create your own Barbie. I searched and searched and found these 5 to be the best dress patterns ever.

Complete with free, illustrated tutorials and enticing pictures.

free barbie dress patterns Best Barbie Party Dress – Free Pattern 1

Free Sewing Pattern 1:

This is a hot party dress. You could tone it down by adding a little front part to hide all that cleavage… which I would consider to be a bit more child-friendly.  Adding a bit of white fabric at the front is easy to do, and will work well with this designer Barbie dress.

Part 1 of the pattern:
Part 2 of the pattern:

Note: this free sewing pattern also comes with a free Barbie Earrings craft tutorials. Aren’t they gorgeous, also?!  Barbie will be dressed very fancy this Christmas.

source: Barbie Bazaar Magazine, a magazine that no longer exists.

barbie casual dress pattern
Best Barbie Casual Dress – Free Sewing Pattern

This nice ‘n’ casual Barbie dress is a remake of grandma’s old Barbie endeavors. I think it came out great. This is a fresh Spring dress, but choose a darker purple velvety fabric, and it would look Christmas-y alright.

Free Barbie Dress Pattern & Tutorial:


barbie summer dresses free sewing patternsBest Free Barbie Dress Patterns :: Summer Outfit Sewing Pattern

You gotta love this Barbie outfit: matching gown and handbag ~ wow. I wish it was summer already. You could make this as a Christmas gift now, or, bookmark this page and come back to this pattern in summer when YOU have your niece over.

The ‘jacket’ of this outfit could of course be made in a darker fabric to match the above casual dress. Add a bit of faux fur and Barbie’s chic enough to go to the ball. was the place where you could get this adorable free Barbie Summer Gown Pattern. As it is not there any longer, I shall try to find it somewhere else and share it with you. Give me some time, and email me or leave a comment if you are interested.

barbie sweater patternBest Barbie Sweater – Using Recycled Socks – Free Pattern

Love this groovy Barbie sweater!  Best of all, finally some good use for little cute socks that no longer fit those growing feet….. Very simple to make, could easily be done by hand.  Best of all”: no knitting required. Just a bit of measuring and a few stretch-stitches.

Want a sweater dress for Barbie? Well, that’s easy. Just add an inch or 3 to the length of the body of the sweater; cut the sleeves to size (include a hem), sew it together, and you are done.  There you have your Barbie dress.

Free no-knit Barbie Sweater Pattern:

Barbie dress pattern Best Barbie Ball Gown Pattern

This is one of many free regal Barbie dress patterns for Barbie dolls on this site. The patterns on this site are the seamstress’ own, and be aware: they are without seams.  

The detailing of these doll dresses is fabulous. Have a look.

My favorite free Barbie Ball Gown Pattern: and (dress tutorial/description).

Tips for Sewing Barbie Doll Cloths

1. Barbie doll patterns are easy to adjust, and the same dress in different fabric and tiny little changes can look very different indeed. So, re-use the above patterns endlessly.

2. Never cut your original doll patterns, but instead trace them onto (gift wrap or craft) tissue paper. Then, pin the paper onto the textile and sew them together on your sewing machine. This way, your sewing machine won’t “eat” your littly bittly bits of fabric. Tear off the textile when sewn.

3. As you realize that you only need tiny bits of fabric for these patterns, from now on, keep your scrap fabric in a separate bag in your craft cabinet. Next time you are inspired to make a doll dress, you have a bag full of materials to choose from.

4. Last but not least: whenever possible, use thin fabric.

5. Time management tip 1: Take your projects along: Personally, I prefer to do tiny projects ‘on the go’ and hand-sew them. When I am waiting at the dentist’s, for example. I take my project out and half an hour flies by pleasantly. 

6. Time management tip 2: Make dolls cloths when you have time, not in hurry. It will not hurt your fingers and they just seem to be able to come out right.

Happy Sewing!

P.S. If you’re interested in some really beautiful crochet Barbie patterns, leave me a comment, and I will post these also.


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