Tips for Preventing Quilting Injuries – video tutorial


Thursday is sewing / quilting day, and today I thought to treat you a video that you think might not be as ‘delicious’ as a new free quilting pattern or sewing pattern. But, actually, this is a video that is actually good for you. A bit like veggies instead of cake. The title of this free sewing video is “Tips for Preventing Quilting Injuries”.

The video is created by the US National Quilters Circle. The video features quilter Erin Russek. Certified personal trainer Michael Engman walk her and you through the details of how you can set up your quilting workspace so that you will be comfortable, efficient, and pain-free.

As well, in this free training video, Michael focuses on body positioning and posture and the importance of remembering these things while we are quilting.  Doesn’t that all sound like health-food for the quilt-minded?!

Tips for Preventing Quilting Injuries
Tips for Preventing Quilting Injuries

I am dedicating this video to Janeen van Niekerk, who has so kindly shared an entire series of free beginning quilting tutorials here at the Fine Craft Guild, to get you all started with quilting.  I am sure that she would approve of this video tutorial.   For some of you, who are already happily quilting, this video will contain reminders and tips of quilting best practices to keep that back pain at an all time minimum / no longer existing!

How about that?!! Let’s go and enjoy the video!

Tips for Preventing Quilting Injuries

Video with Injury Prevention Howto Tips