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Now this is really fun.

If you want to go camping, show a useful project at a girl guide camp, or when you are in for some serious wilderness trekking, you might like to at least know how to make and use a tin can wood stove.  It’s really easy!

Step-by-Step Tutorial


How to Make a Tin Can Wood Stove

Step 1: Remove the paper label and both lid and bottom of your can. Keep the lid.

Step 2: With a knife create a small hole about where the ribbed lines of the can begin. Use that hole to cut out a little (close-able) window.


Step 3: On the other side of the can, make 8 even cuts, so that you can fold inwards 4 overlapping flaps, and have 4 legs to stabilize your can and give it a little height.


Step 4: poke in a few air holes, one below the fire window, and another one opposite.



Source: Tom Vachon, Ontario, Canada & others

Tin Can Wood Stove :: Video Instruction

How to Make a Tin Can Stove

tincanstove6How to Use Your Handmade Tin Can Wood-burn Stove

Now that you made your stove, it is time to go use it. Review this video for tips and hint on how to fire your stove up successfully.

Safety Warning: be careful and check the signs before you begin. You are not allowed everywhere to lit an open fire.

TIP: can be used in your own garden for those of us who crave a fire pit… Great for marshmellows.


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