These original recycled wooden decorative pumpkins are easy to make…

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Recycled Wooden Decorative Pumpkins | First: thank you all for linking up such beautiful and interesting projects again last week. I love them. Below are my favorites so I am featuring* them today. (* If you are featured, be sure to post our ‘I’m featured’- honor badge prominently on your blog. You deserve it!)

Recycled Wooden Decorative Pumpkins

These are mere recycled 2×4’s made into splendid decorative wooden pumpkins! They have polka dots, chevron zig zags, and swirly flowers as embellishments. These decorative wooden pumpkins made me happy, and I only saw a picture of them. Can imagine how happy they must make Barb from a Second Chance to Dream.

decorative pumpkins, recycled wooden pumpkins :: Via

Tutorial here:

Barb went over the final works of art with an ink stamp pad to age the pumpkins! So, you can do that too. Delve into your scrapbooking supplies. After your delicious cream-colored paint has dried, of course.

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2. Crocheted Rag Rug
crocheted rag rug

Connie is so endearing how she first apologizes for her (lack of) crochet skills. And I am showing you her DIY rag rug precisely because of this reason. It really IS simple to make your own rag rugs. 

This luxurious looking bath mat caught ‘on fire’ on the internet, however, personally, I think that rugs made from sheets, or even better, t-shirt yarn (recycled t-shirts cut in strips) is even better as they fray less.

Crocheting gives you a certain cottage look. If you’d cut small strips like this eco-friendly bath rug here, then you get a high pole rug.  You can also weave the strips, as I’ve shown here in this woven  rag rug.

The Crochet Rag Rug Tutorial is here: Hill House Homestead

More DIY Area Rugs

Click this link to find ALL our DIY area rugs. Meanwhile, let me high-light a few of them:


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