Tiered Maxi Skirt Free Sewing Pattern

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Debbie did it again. She created another completely ‘want-able’ piece of womens clothing and is giving us the pattern for it away free. What I mean is this tiered maxi skirt free sewing pattern. It is adorable, isn’t it? Very Anthropologie-ish. OK. I could do without the top (too bright) but other than that’s it’s a winner skirt. Make it in to grey blue and off white, and paired with a long loose shirt and hippy necklaces, it could be an FreePeople skirt as well.


Tiered Maxi Skirt Free Sewing Pattern

Anyhow, I love the design and could never come up with the pattern for this on my own, so I have downloaded it and am a alerting you all to this wonderful skirt design.

Tiered Maxi Dress Free Sewing Pattern


Maxi skirts are perfect for summer evenings as they are a bit dressier, a bit warmer and oh so feminine. Great complement to that tan! Lovely!




The Free Sewing Pattern

Get your free maxi skirt sewing pattern here:  Get it Now at Craftsy. It’s a download that you can print.

photo credit: Debbie from so sew easy.

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