Tie-dye Racerback T-shirt * Bikini Cover-up

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This Tie-dye Racerback T-shirt aka Bikini Cover-up – project is one for my stash! I get so many free t-shirts at all these trade shows that I wonder what to do with them at time. This is a great way to use them, provided that there’s not too much advertising on them at the the front that must be covered.

Tie-dye racerback t-shirt

DIY Tie-dye racerback t-shirt tutorial
DIY Tie-dye racerback t-shirt

As you can see, you don’t need much beyond a white t-shirt and a tie-dye kit which you can buy at Amazon. 

These visual instructions on how to tie-dye were on AdventuresofaMiddleSister.com. Photo credit: Allie Holcomb. This site no longer exists. The visuals are pretty self-explanatory. However I know that all tie-dye kits come with their own instructions. Be sure to read them, although they are all pretty similar:

How to Tie Dye Instructions, step by step

1: First wash your fabric, to remove fabrication residue.

2: Prep the fixing water. (Optional: I have done Tie-dye projects without this step, and just running the final product in cold water instead.

3: Soak your fabric, and squeeze out the excess water.

4: the fun bit: get a mountain of elastic bands, and go tie folds and twists

5: Mix dye colors and put them in spray bottles

6: Apply your dye over your tied fabric.

7: Put in a plastic bag and cure overnight.

8: Rinse in a metal sink in cold water, and let t-shirt dry.

Ready to wear!

(Ok. You are right: This is the most fun step!)

Get Your Tie Dye kit

Make your own tie-dye racerback t-shirt / Beach Coverup with this kit!
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Tulip One-Step 12 Color Tie-Dye Kit Super Big The Tulip One-Step 12-Color Tie-Dye Kit is the easiest tie-dye solution for parties, sleepovers, camps and clubs. Perfect. Get your friends over and tie-dye. Make it Friday night at a girls’ sleepover party or early Saturday morning at the latest, to wear it on the beach on Sunday afternoon.

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