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This great, great green card is a beautiful greeting card design and an easy DIY. It’s a blank card and so you can purpose it any way you like. It can be an any day card, or an idea for mothers day cards. In a smaller and slightly modified version, it could function even as a business card template for a craft business. Stamp your details at the back or inside. You will stand out among craft fair business cards, winning the lovely attention of potential customers. Oh, my creative mind wanders…

Featured: Green Card by Crystelle

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OK. Back to the greeting card:

Even though the card looks sophisticated and handmade professionally, it was easy to make. Crystelle from CrystelleBoutique made her green card (and a whole bunch of other matching greeting cards) by combining a Cricut or craft punch technique to make the perfect circles, with a lovely sewing technique of stitching those circles onto the front of her handmade greeting card. That was the most complicated part.

Apparently the papers in her scrapbooking paper kit that she bought were double sided and already had an embellished edge. So she did not need an edge punch nor double layered papers.   Crystelle  showed these two features on the front of her card.  Combined with the  stitched circle strip, this resulted in perfect handmade cards  with that designer feel.

Ladies (and gentlemen), this is why I choose Crystelle again today to win the FEATURE-spotlight. She’s becoming one of my favorite card makers and has several other amazingly beautiful handmade cards on her blog as well.

Learn more about this card and her other cards at  CrystelleBoutique.


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