Lovely ideas for Thanksgiving dinner table settings

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Make a good first impression with these decorating ideas for Thanksgiving dinner table place settings.

To decorate my table, I experimented with simple garden greens, white or warm colored napkins, table linens, and accessories for place settings I already own. Simple combinations can give you a totally new look for your Thanksgiving table. I developed a handful of ideas for how to set a festive Thanksgiving dinner table setting ideas. All are warm and traditional.

1. Simple Rose Wreaths and Rose buds as Thanksgiving Dinner Table Decorations

I picked these rose wreaths up at a local dollar store as I loved the colors. They have adorned both candles, budvases, and have dubbed as napkin rings. Today they are functioning as floral Thanksgiving dinner table inspiration.

Thanksgiving dinner table settings

The wreaths can also be placed around candles, which together could create the center piece for the table.

In this case, I would go for this lovely fresh Thanksgiving dinner rose table place setting which also contains a name card for guests.  See that place card? It’s the size of a rose-petal. Cute hey?

thanksgiving table setting roses

2.  Thanksgiving Decorating with Olive & Rosemary Twigs

I might actually go with these. Fresh and natural to me says ‘quality of life’. The symbolic meaning of olive twigs has long been described in the Bible as representing peace. Rosemary symbolizes protection from harm, and used to be planted near people’s front door.

Thanksgiving dinner table settings

3. Thanksgiving Succulents

Perfectly still, silent and calm do I find this succulent place setting. Their grey green color gives such a peaceful ambience. Their foliage resembles both a radiant star and a flower to me.

thanksgiving dinner table setting

4. Thanksgiving Roses for your Dinner Table

This simple rose napkin fold, whereby two napkins are folded together into a stemmed rose shape, is a perfect statement of summer ending and the fullness of the harvest being abound. The symbolic loving statement is perfect for the occasion.

If you use large napkins, like I did here, your roses will have enough volume to alternatively function as a table centerpiece

thanksgiving roses

A Wholesome Thanksgiving, without the Stress. Yes???!!

Are you like 99% other families crazily busy with life in general? Do you still want to put together this amazing wholesome Thanksgiving dinner, as if you had nothing to do but just prepare for that dinner party, as well? Well, then join me. I decided to avoid ALL stress and do everything either early, and in a simple, natural and wholesome way. Without sacrificing the senses, but with an abundance of beauty. joy and harmonious symbolism.

As I walk around my village and or drive to the next, between the fields, I have spotted lots of lovely colorful leaves, plumes and berries. Interesting ones too. Plus, the olive trees are in full fruit, about to be picked and then trimmed. Natural ‘Fall-themed’ material is in abundance and makes for great Thanksgiving decorations. So I am going with that, for our Thanksgiving dinner table setting. The idea is to work with what is on hand nearby.

So, what’s your verdict? Which Thanksgiving dinner table setting do you like best?  What ideas are you bringing to the party?


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