Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages: Mandala & Scarecrow

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To entertain both the youngest, the teenagers and the adults in the family, I drew both a cute scarecrow and a meditative Peace mandala for your family. And you can find the printable designs as free Thanksgiving coloring pages. I am adding them to my Thanksgiving Central , which as ‘Everything for Thanksgiving’.

This Thanksgiving break, I am planning several outings with kids. I want to have something prepared for when we come back and do an art project with the Thanksgiving- theme. So, I’ll be taking along cameras, plastic bags for goodies, nature treasures, and similar. And of course, loads of water, and Purol for the road, but also, I might take a few Kids Thanksgiving craft books.

The easy, go-to Thanksgiving crafts I have prepared is: some really good Thanksgiving coloring pages! In my opinion, coloring pages are ESSENTIAL to have for long Thanksgiving dinner parties when kids have to stay at the table and get bored. They are also excellent for times kids have to wait in the car when we’re in traffic, or when I have a quick coffee with my friend along the way.

Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Click the images or the links to print out your freebies.

1. Peace Mandala Coloring Page

Thanksgiving Coloring Page

2. Scarecrow Coloring Page

Thanksgiving Scarecrow Coloring Page

3. Pooh Coloring Page

4. Turkey Coloring Page

Tip: also see this fun turkey Thanksgiving craft for kids.


Beyond my own designs, I also picked out a book here with easy coloring pages and two with challenging coloring pages.

Preschool/Elementary School Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

These coloring pages are good for younger kids (preschool, 1st graders, 2nd graders).

Difficult Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

These books have difficult coloring pages with more details and coloring options. I actually love many of the drawings myself. So, while they are good for bigger kids (elementary school 3rd graders all the way up to highschool kids), have a few fun coloring pages for creative grown-ups as well, I’d say! These pages are beautiful!

Coloring Mandalas #ad

This book is part of a series of books with mandala coloring pages. They are all good, really.

Abstract Kaleidoscopia

This book also part of a series. In contrast with the mandala book series, the swirling lines in these books are purposefully not-symmetrical but rather more organic. You can’t go wrong with either books, but for sure, certain personalities will be drawn to one series and other people to the other. Best to consult the kids first and see what style of coloring pages inspires them. And then get the book for them as a treat. #ads – i.e. Amazon links. Thank you for using them.

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