How to Make a Texture Board, a Visual Design Tool


A few weeks ago I was reminded of a neat DIY / craft tool, and I through to share with you on how to make a texture board. Texture boards are just great ways to help you define your design, no matter what your art or craft project is. The main purpose of a texture board is to create a mood or define a style.

You can use fabric bits, ribbons, but also magazine cut-outs, old craft project bits, wrapping paper, product photos… anything in your life that has texture and color. By combining (a pop-art term), you can create the mood/ style that you are after.

The reminding artist, Brooke, is a fabric-oriented artist calls my ‘texture boards’ ‘color stories’. This is one of her color stories.

How to Make a Texture Board

A texture board aka color story complement the classic design tool to tell your personal story, i.e.

Story Board

Comic strips, advertisers and movie makers have one thing in common: they use story boards to convey the general theme. In the story board, you define the key characters, the beginning, the end, and the key milestone steps to go from A to B, highlighting core events and messages.

Working with color stories, texture boards and story boards are great for all designers, ranging from web designer to lollipop makers to crafty girls. Why? Because by working with these boards, you’ll be able to flesh out your story into a coherent whole set of values and principles that you want to part with, without leaving any out.

source color story image: Brooke Hellewell Reynolds

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