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The girl. Just turned 13. The birthday party is already a lingering memory. It’s now high time for an upgrade of the small child bedroom, transforming it into a darling teen girls abode. What was easy about the child bedroom: you got to decide most of it, is no longer a go. Teens have their own mind and taste, and a teen bedroom design is a negotiation, something that is co-designed with you and your child. Hence this post for all of us to benefit from: Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas.

Design Criteria & Plans

So what are we doing? Even though still young, my girl has taste for elegance, and naturally likes her room to reflect this. So, we have been looking at bedroom furniture and furnishings that are elegant, but when paired with one’s own belongings (bags, books, clothes, you name it…) the styles are also teen enough. It’s been a lot of fun dreaming up a future bedroom. And I’m sharing our dream stage here with you.

Meanwhile, we also have a new affiliate we are partnering with: Graham and Brown. They are a worldwide interior design shop offering mostly exquisite wallpapers and wall art, but a few of the finer room decorating elements as well. We scoured their warehouses for goodies that would create the mood themes we’d liked to explore: urban/inspiration; horses/sea/nature; floral/cozy/deluxe; wild animals; and ballerina-ish. This is the result.

The Moodboards with our Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas

When conjuring up images on how to develop a teen girls bedroom ideas mood board, it occurred to me that, in reality, we hardly ever have just 1 theme going on in a room. Usually, we blend themes. We have two hobbies, we have two sets of furniture bought at different times, etc. So this article is to show you how to blend several themes together. Each mood board shows you how few props you need to create a theme, and how a theme is easily carried forward by the use of the right wallpaper and blending paint color choices in your overall color palette for your teen bedroom.

Inspirational City Teen Girls Bedroom Mood Board


We started with exploring our inspirational big city theme. We’re hoping to bring that sense of ‘it’s hapening here’, the sense that the streets of our beloved New York City promise, into the bedroom. An inspiration.

Urban Clock
. This unique, and quite large, metal art clock gets you on board with current industrial interior design trend, and gets the girl in school on time. (wink).

42nd Street, New York

I thought that this teen girls bedroom pillow
with the inspirational quote ‘Seek and you will find’ was a perfect coordinate.

New York City Typographic Pillow
Striking b/w design, featuring the iconic New York skyline, this pillow continues the NYC theme of the feature wall art in the room, creating atmosphere. Made from 100% cotton, 50x50cm, generously filled – a quirky pillow that’s both plush and cosy.

More Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas:

silver stripe wallpaper gb - teen girls bedroom ideas at
Silver Stripe Wallpaper

Teen Bedroom Theme Ideas – Classic Ballerina & Butterflies

Ballerina Butterflies Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas

Inspirational Wall art for Teen Bedrooms: Classic Ballerina painting
, and …

Graphic Butterfly art

Luxurious Butterfly Meadow Pillow
in a style that matches the buttterfly artwork.

shimmer wallpaper gb - teen girls bedroom ideas
shimmer taupe wallpaper

Mulberry Ombre Cushion

Monsoon Purple & Silver Flowers and Butterflies Canvas art

Golden Birdcage Candle Holder
(available from UK website).

At the beach / white Horse Loving Teen Bedroom Mood Board

Horse theme teen bedroom ideas - curated by FineCraftGuild

The horse theme is sort of outdoorsy, rustic, natural, and no-fuss comfy. We did not want to to be ‘all about horses’, but somehow have the horses as a feature. On the opposite wall we’re thinking to have that lovely beach scene, for contrast and balance. It sort of builds the mood. What do you think: is that too much going on?

will wallpaper - natural teen bedroom ideas
Willow Wallpaper


White Horse on Wood wall art


distance shores wallart horse teen girls bedroom theme ideas
Distance Shore Printed Canvas
(23 x 31 inch)
Distant shores – what a breath-taking idyllic beach scene! I think an eye-catching image like this is great to wake up to. Perhaps it will have her dreaming of riding her horse along the shores in early sunny summer mornings?! What’s good is that the gorgeous neutral tones of this canvas add warmth to the overall decor, extending that sense of natural freedom while creating cozying up the room.

grasscloth wallpaper texture gb :: teen girls bedroom ideas

Grassy Wall Paper

Older Teen Girls Bedroom Theme ideas – Elegant Florals in Lavender


Luxe lavender rug
– only available from the UK website.


lilac melody wallpaper
. We like this super textured expanded vinyl wallpaper featuring a modern Damask design in a contemporary lilac colourway. It’s gilded: do we need to say more?! Glamour! Perfect coordiate.

Marbled Grey White Wallpaper

We love this look:

Jewel Wallpaper

Wild Animal-themed Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas

Last but not least, the 13-year-old’s favorite mood board….
wildanimal_teengirls_bedroom - by

Let’s start with this amazing wallpaper:
A modern and seductive approach of a python wallpaper in white and silver.

The beautiful emboss and the shimmering metallic elements are adding a luxurious and elegant touch to your walls whilst making a strong statement. Available in four colour ways.

If your teen is ready to shed all her todd plush toy animals, she might still like to have some animals around. Here are some sophisticated ideas for a wild animal theme that’s not too overbearing and still will leave some room for other elements to emerge into a room and feel like they belong.

Graphite Drawing Deer Pillow

birds metal wall art - gb - teen girls bedroom ideas
Contemporary black birds wire metal wall-art

Black Ombre Pillow

Lion_canvas - gb - teen girls bedroom ideas at
Lion canvas

A New Affiliate Partner

We’re partnering with a new affiliate, Graham & Browns, and are thrilled about this. They are international interior designers top resource also delivering directly to the public, specialising in exquisite wallpapers, that – yes – are also affordable. Particular when you realise that you just want a feature wall papered and paired with a few quality accessories that fill out the theme.

Let’s celebrate
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Have a happy day,

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