Teach Kids How to Make ‘Tidying up’ *F*U*N*

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By making fun tools for tidying up lose bits and pieces, from pieces of string to little balls, kids can learn order and discipline, and how to have fun with it all.

When contemplating what to do with the kids this summer, I am sure you are thinking pool-side parties, beach and forest adventures, learn to tie a few knots, go to a swim camp, and wacky backyard play activities. You may bring your your craft table right out in the garden and paint.

organize_toys_3But I bet, you weren’t thinking about teaching your kids how to create a tidy bedroom this summer. ‘Yeah, dream on!’ you’re thinking. Well, then, take my hand and come and play with us.


A tidy room is important for a tidy mind, and really more fun playtime.  A crafty day of making tools to tidy is called for in most households with kids, along with organizing tips, a clean-up schedule with incentives for keeping it,

May this simple craft idea put you in the mood to invent your own creative tools to help your children tidy up.


Recycle toy boxes! = name of the game.

From now on, when kids get those bulky toy boxes, keep ‘m!  This kids summer craft activity let’s your kids go through old kid toy packaging that you’ve kept, and cut out pretty elements of it. Like this Winx girl which came from a Winx doll box. 

Keep these elements, large and small in your craft storage, till your kids need them. Use them for today’s project or glue them onto all-white shoe boxes with a label added to what’s in that box. Etc. Heck, you can even make girl necklaces with these cut-outs. But let’s stay focused:

Girls have craft supplies of their own, and need something to tidy strings and long ribbons.



Step 1: cut a cute shape out of a toy box. No need to cut all the details of the shape. I just a simple rectangle. Make a snip into the bottom. Now you got yourself a perfect ribbon winder. Or jewelry- making string winder. Or…. you name it.


Step 2: start winding the ribbon.


Keep at it.


Done.  Instead of unwound ribbon mess that just lays around, your kid has a tidy paper doll with a cute pink ribbon dress. Your girl will have fun cutting the shapes as well as winding the ribbons. Guaranteed.

* notice how I cut an extra slit where the arm is. I folded it when winding the ribbon and put it back in position when done. Cuter this way and it helps the ribbon stay in position better also.

Now you have a pretty Winx paper doll with a ribbon dress, that is a ready craft supply for then the ribbon craft – itch start. Pop it in the box with all the other pieces of fabric etc. to make girl doll dresses. Add a label to the box, and glue on another Winx girl. So, it’s a set.

Fun + organized.


This is just one idea.  Cleaning up can really benefit from a good dose of crafty influence.   I am sure you can extrapolate this idea into other useful kids toys organizing fun that’s good for your household.

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