Make some Tank Tops with Lacy Roses – it’s an easy DIY


I am sitting here writing to you, smiling, because I am so pleased with the Tank Top project I just completed. It looks beautiful. Don’t you think? Tell me if you want some tank tops like this one too!!!

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My Tank Tops’ Make-over with Lots of Roses

This WAS a plain-Jane tank top. Nothing fancy but it seems to match so many of my outfits as that needed extra layer for modesty and sophistication. So, I needed this tank top. Then, came that stain, right in the middle of the shirt.

I washed it. Did not come out. Tried Savon de Marseille. Did not come out.

Then I tried this bleach-pen that my friend so kindly brought for me from Canada. She swears by it as it removes all her stains. So, what happened? My tank top keeps my old stain + gets a new bleach stain!!!

No, I wasn’t angry nor sad. I was happy!!! I love how the bleach stained the shirt, and thought ‘AHA! Here is my first shirt bleached-by-design project.  10 minutes after my discovery of what had happened in the wash, I was happily painting bleach roses on to my shirt. It was fun. And easy, of course.

This whole tank tops’ refashioning project has been making me happy.

Tank Top with Lacy Roses DIY

tank top refashion lace roses

Now, about my t-shirt makeover:Let me show you how I got from a stain to this gorgeous women summer top!

Materials Needed

This is what you’ll need:

1. One (or more) plain t-shirts, tank tops or camisoles to recycle / upcycle / refashion.

2. A bleach pen.

I used one with a dual-tip, which is ideal for us bleach-artists, hey?!  If you click the image, you’ll find both single & dual-tip bleach pens. Have a look and then you decide which one you’d like to buy.

3. My tutorial on how to draw a simple rose.

4. A couple of recycled plastic bags.

5. This lace that I got as a freebie from Wholeport, that you can now find on Amazon. Rose lace ribbon comes in a few different colors. My Rose Lace Trim was 2.2 inch Wide, but you can pick what you like.

6. Matching sewing thread.

Tank Top with Lacy Roses DIY Step-by-step Tutorial

Review my tutorial on how to draw a simple rose, and practice a bit before you begin on your shirt. Also, as preparation, place plastic bags on the inside of your t-shirt to protect the back of your shirt. And place a few plastic bags onto the surface you are working on also, to ensure that you have no accidental bleach spills.


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Get Ready To Paint

Take the bleach pen and draw a rose design onto your shirt.

Note how my design looks like I covered the whole front, but in reality you get a nice vertical line onto the bodice, that is helping you shape (look longer/slimmer).


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how to bleach_ tshirts

A Bleach-Painted Rose

Here’s another rose.


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Cut the Lace

Cut a length of the ribbon to go from t-shirt strap to strap. Which is probably about 11-14” or so, depending on the cut of your t-shirt and your size. Measure how much you need before you cut..


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how to bleach roses onto a shirt

Sew Lace Onto Shirt

Sew on the ribbon and voila. You are done.


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DIY Tshirt Makeover with Roses and Lace by

A Lacey Shirt with Bleach Roses

And there you have it! Pretty rose shirt.

And you got yourself an pretty-pretty new summer tank top. Next week I am going to show you how I transformed this plain-Jane tank top into a gorgeous dress, by taking this project to the next level. The Summer dresses coming…. (why am I starting so late with this??!! It’s end of July already!)

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