25 Sweet + Savory Thanksgiving Snacks & Treats for Kids

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Thanksgiving treats. Little tasty bites. Some even a bit healthy! That’s what I’m after for this Thanksgiving, and for the days leading up to Thanksgiving …. What better way to get in a festive mood with Thanksgiving – themed treats?!!

For the kids at the table, in snack, for Thanksgiving parties, and as pre-meal appetizers or as Thanksgiving dinner side dishes. You pick.

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Sweet Thanksgiving Snacks

I have divvied my collection of Thanksgiving Snacks into ‘Sweet Thanksgiving Treats’, ‘Savory Thanksgiving Snacks’, and Post-Thanksgiving Snacks. Because well, who can really gobble up all that abundance in one long afternoon?!! Really. Me neither. Best things for last… Let’s start with some sweet stuff!


Sweet Thanksgiving Treats

1.  Pretty Thanksgiving Chocolate Turkey Cupcakes

One of the most elegant Thanksgiving treats around. Not sure I could pull off making pretty chocolate cupcakes like this, but maybe you can. Here’s the recipe for these scrumptious cupcakes, …..

Thanksgiving Recipe By Betty Crocker, no less!

2. Rustic Apple Pie Turkeys

Thanksgiving Recipe By Mirandamade.com (https://www.mirandamade.com/2010/11/turkey-shaped-apple-tarts.html)

3. Apple Pie Pops

Thanksgiving Recipe By Mommy Make A Cake

4. Pumpkin Whoopie Pie with Cream-cheese Filling

Thanksgiving Recipe By Dreamydesserts.blogspot.com

5. Thanksgiving Candycorn Pretzel Treats

Thanksgiving Recipe By Armelleblog.com

6. Turkey Chocolate Fondue


Just how pretty is this fruit and cracker turkey tray layout?  … made this for her vegetarian family as a ‘turkey’ dessert: chocolate fondue.  As we eat meat (still!?), I can see myself doing this as a Thanksgiving snack, even before the big day. Just to get into the festive mood of the holidays.

Thanksgiving Recipe By Cleanandscentsible.com

7.  Cornucopias Thanksgiving Snacks

These are simple ice-cream cones filled with fruit-shaped candy. These were made by Lindsay as a thanksgiving school snack for her classroom.

Thanksgiving Recipe By  Lindsay Hendrix

8. Turkey Thanksgiving Cookies Kids Can Make.

All you need is a circle and a heart cookie shape and a couple of squeeze bottles for the icing. Voila. A fun kids afternoon craft project to put these lovely turkey cookies together… and then… of course, gobble them up!

Thanksgiving Recipe By BeeInOurBonnet.com

9. Indians Smores
cowboy indian smores thanksgiving snacks

Thanksgiving Recipe By Snackpicks.com

10. Indian Wigwam Snacks

These decorated icecream cone tepees are one of my favorite thanksgiving snacks for kids. Aren’t they simply adorable, as such a wonderful Thanksgiving craft for kids to make their own? I love ‘m.

What you’ll need is sugar icing and decorative candy. And a couple of tooth picks on a icecream cone. Easy as pie. Actually, easier and more fun.

Thanksgiving Treats Recipe by FamilyFun Magazine.

11. Candy Cornucopias

Thanksgiving Recipe  By This little life of mine

12. Chocolate Acorns

A treat put together with mini chocolate chips, chocolate candy kisses and vanilla mini wafers. Slightly warm the cookies and  melt on both the chocolate kisses and chips. Easy.

Thanksgiving Treats | Photo Credit By Just Being Judy.

13. Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Cranberries, Apples & Pecans

These sweet potatoes are filled with goodies to make them into an amazing Thanksgiving side dish, that will be so yummy and so sweet (filled with cranberry, apples & pecans and then ‘glued’ together with apple sauce, maple sirop and a tat of butter – you get my picture….) that I can see people coming to the kitchen and kindly ‘taste’ this Thanksgiving side dish till it’s all gone… before the Thanksgiving dinner even starts. Hence…. best to make 2 servings of this and ‘dedicate’ one to being a ‘thanksgiving snack’…

Thanksgiving Recipe By MyRecessionKitchen.com

14. Candy-filled Cornucopias

Photo via Pinterest. A teacher’s Thanksgiving classroom treat. No cooking involved. Just bags of fruit shaped candy and icecream cones.


Savory Thanksgiving Treats

15. Traditional Savory Thanksgiving Snack :: Spiced Pecans

Thanksgiving Recipe By Aldon Brown, at the Food Network

16. Herb Cheese Palmiers

Easy to prep and leave in the fridge till half an hour before… With puff pastry, sharp Cheddar and Italian fresh herbs, chopped.  Perfect with a glass of white wine when getting ready for the big meal…

Thanksgiving Recipe By Martha Stewart


17. Smokey Fried Chickpeas
Photographs for Food52

An original Thanksgiving Snacks Recipe at Serious Eats. Great treat for vegetarian guests!


18. Salty Nuts & Dried Fruit Tepees
thanksgiving snack recipes for kids :: indian  tepees w. nuts raisins :: FineCraftGuild.com

By Merrimentdesign.com

19. Mushroom Gruyere Pinwheels

Savory Thanksgiving Snacks Recipe By Seriouseats.com


20. Turkey w Cheese & Veggy Sticks

Thanksgiving Recipe by Martie Sue


21. Caramelized Onion & Goat Cheese Tartlets

Savory Thanksgiving Snacks Recipe by Seriouseats.com


22. Corn Cream Croquettes

Grill or fry.  These are a spin on traditionalism and a pre-dinner Thanksgiving treat kids will surely like.

Thanksgiving Recipe By Cookpad.com


Best Post – Thanksgiving Snacks

23. Turkey Sandwiches

According to my hubby, you’re supposed to make thanksgiving dinner for 40 people, even if there are just six on the table that day, so that you can have Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches and snacks for the rest of the week as well. Ahum… Well, I suppose abundance is a good thing at Thanksgiving…

I don’t have a photo of this as my darling eats his turkey sandwiches within seconds after they are made, but the best recipe for thanksgiving turkey sandwiches is really simple.

1 Good bread, such as ciabatta. Two slices, hand cut. A knife to spread on the mayonnaise, generously, but not over the top. A more than generous layer of sliced turkey breast, with some of the dark meat and/or skin. Fresh cracked pepper, for fun. A single lettuce leave, so you can feel healthy-ish. Tomato & bacon bits optional. Enjoy!


24. Turkey Pesto Cranberry Melts

A variation on my hubby’s sandwich that looks delicious!

By Thehopelesshousewife.com


25. Celery Turkey Breast Treats
tangy turkey caper post thanksgiving snack

In case you have just a little bit of turkey left, make a spread out of it and serve it as mini appetizers before next dinner.

Photo Credit By Snackpicks.com


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