Cute Sweater Dress – Free Knitting Pattern

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This is the beginning of a series on free patterns for sweater dresses.

2013 is my year or doing things in series. Here’s yet another series… of sweater dresses. While Spring is already in my mind, it sure is still chilly out there. If I read the newspaper, snowstorms and freezing temperatures still soar. We need to stay warm. Therefore, I’m going to share my new fashion obsession: sweater dresses. In a series.

Sweater dresses are comfy, thick. and leisurely, but can be dressed up too. They are hip. They are trendy. And well, I think they might be around for quite some time longer…  So, time to make our own sweater dress is now.

This is the second of my ‘I have some sweater dresses for you’ – series. It’s like a mini dress. You get to hand knit this dress rather than buy it.


Yarn Needed

The free knitting pattern suggests that you use 9 strands of yarn simultaneously. I love the color combinations and the bigger stitches that it produces. Each stitch is about 1” wide, so it will be done in no time!

The recommended yarn, Wool-Ease, is a versatile 4-ply worsted-weight yarn. 20% wool means it has the feel, warmth and softness of wool. It’s combined with 80% acrylic giving it easy care of machine wash- and dry-ability.

This is what you’ll need:



Free Sweater Dress Knitting Pattern

To get your free knitting pattern, click here.


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