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Looky! These decorative floral throw pillows made with felt at The Purl Bee are unique and contemporary. Good for a bed, good for a couch. The best thing is that I haven’t seen them anywhere else yet. They are … original! I dubbed them as ‘sunburst’ pillows.   Don’t you think they are quite summery in these bold color combinations?     If it had more flower petals, I’d call them yellow sunflower pillows…

You can make some  of these unique decorative pillows yourself by following the wonderfully detailed sewing instructions.  This would make a great summer craft project. Supposedly, it’s an easy sewing project, although the results make it seem like a more advanced craft.

This is one of those sites that surprises at time. What struck me however in Molly’s throw pillow tutorial, is not so much the pillows. But rather, how the images collectively make a ”making decorative pillows’ – story book. See what I mean?  Who needs words when you can have pictures?

How to Make a Floral Throw Pillow Tutorial Story Book

Once upon a time, there was a bed, and it was … naked. It badly needed 3 pillows. 3 happy, decorative pillows.

Squares of felt all came together and decided to become a pillow. The scissors helped and cut curves out of some of them …



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I want them in sea- and sand-colors.  And white of course.

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