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This has to be the easiest green maxi dress pattern you can find. Actually, this maxi dress looks so fabulous and sophisticated rather than too simple for words….


I’m a summer ‘wrap dress’- gal, and believe me, I know a million ways to wrap sarongs into simple summer dresses. I pin some of my maxi dresses together with safety pins, but that does not suit all the summer dresses, only some. I am going to make at least one of my huge over-sized ‘shawl’/stretch of fabric into this green maxi dress design.


What’s the difference

There are 3 tricks that distinguishes this green maxi dress design from being a simple beach wrap cover-up:

1. Choice of luxuriously draping fabric

2. That little ribbon tied at the front, which allow for the whole dress design to come together, and which allow the neck wrap to sit properly.

3. The front seam which makes this into a dress instead of a wrap.


 maxi dresses sewing pattern


Step-by-Step Instructionsgreen maxi dress ::  maxi dresses :: free dress patterns ::


1. Wrap fabric around your back, with both fabric ends and all extra fabric at the front.


2. Pull it together as shown on the right.


3. Tie a ribbon around the knot, and twist the two fabric ends and tie them in your neck.


maxi_dress4. Determine how high you want your front split to be, and pin it.


5. By hand or with your sewing machine, sew the front split.


The video shows a few more details, but in essence:

That’s it. Green maxi dress, done 2 minutes. I told you.



Maxi Summer Dresses – Video Tutorial


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