Make girls summer dresses with this cutest chevron pattern

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Oh, it’s time to start thinking ‘summer dresses’. Now is the time to select the best summer fabric and to start taking advantage of gorgeous dress patterns like this. Let’s start dreaming ‘summer’!!!

And here is my first summer dress idea: Chevron!! I am still not crazy about chevron wall paper pattern, but zig-zag stripes sure looks cute on this girls summer dress!!!!! Adorable in fact.

Make girls summer dresses with the cutest chevron pattern

Best of all, the maker of this glorious summer dress creation,  Rachel from A Nest Full Of Eggs, offers us a free dress sewing pattern for a Swedish kids clothes designer summer dress.Actually, with this pattern she shows you how to make several different summer dresses. Isn’t that amazing?!


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In this summer dress pattern, she shows us how to make a chevron circle skirt and how to make a chevron bodice. For the bodice, it really is just a matter of laying the pattern side-wise on your striped fabric, and then cut it and sew it. However, for the circle skirt she pre-sewn her four quarters and then cut the circle skirt from the chevron quilted fabric. Pretty cool, hey?

I thought to brighten up your day with some ‘summer dresses’-tralala, because I know most of you still have the heater on and whoowow, it might even still be snowing where you are. So if you have a little girl you can make this summer dress for to wear .. and for yourself to get some some sunshine in your life while making summer dresses. So, hop on over to Rachel‘s blog.


When to have your cheery chevron dress ready by?

In green/white, this super-cute girls  dress could be a St Patrick’s day outfit also, but she’ll sure need a pair of tights and a cardigan to go with it. However, I don’t want to pressure you too much… as it means you must buy the fabric, get the pattern and sew it before the 17th. That’s a bit much…  Nope.

My verdict is:  have fun and take your leisurely time with this dress to have it ready mid Spring-early Summer.  I like the watermelon pink/red version of this dress better than the green/white dress –version anyway. And instead, if you want to do something special for the day, you can make any of these 12 St Patrick s Day Recipes or do any of these St Patrick s Day Crafts instead.


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