Summer Crochet Hat Design

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I can’t help myself. With this gorgeous weather in the UK and me alternating between playing with the flowers in my garden and creating a new summer crochet hat design, I feel it’s like summer and I’m on vacation!

Summer Crochet Hat Design

Here’s my new crochet summer hat design WIP (work in progress), and I am soooo pleased with the results so far. This is going to be just a perfect project to take to the beach (once we’re free again), or make in the garden (while we are waiting till it will be safe out there).

Summer Crochet Hat Design
summer crochet hat design

I hope it is not all drap and difficult for you either to stay in Quarantine. I think actually, we knitters and crocheting folks have it easier that others, as we have a yarn stash to go through and always have a project to two on hand.

Anyhow, my crochet hat is nearly finished as you can tell. It’s made with a lovely cotton yarn that is a bit thicker than I usually work with.

Like it? Stay tuned for the pattern. It already looks really cute on, but I shall safe those photos for later, for when the it’s ready.


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What are you all working on? I am curious as to what this gorgeous weather and this stay-at-home situation is doing to your creativity. Are you finishing old projects, or craving to create something new? What’s up.

Oh, and do leave me a comment if you like my work in progress pattern design. That’s always an encouragement!

Till soon.

Bonus – Alternative technique to make the strips of circles: Floating Ring and 1/2 motif string technique.

I recently came across this technique called ‘a floating ring’ for the centre of these circles.

Technique: tie yarn to hook, * yarn over; yarn over and pinch some slack yarn below that stitch, yarn over again and hold the slack yarn below this and the prior stitch together. (Those two ‘slack loops’ become your ‘floating circle’.) Now yarn over and pull that yarn through both 2 stitches. You have 3 stitches on your loop, and now you can work these 3 to create a dc, and you’re done. You have your ring and your first dc. Add 7 dc into your circle. Now you have created half a motif. Let’s call this ‘the bottom half’. To start the ‘bottom half’ of the next motif, rep from *

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