Lift everyone’s spirit with these fun summer craft ideas

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This article features the Best Summer Craft Ideas from the prior 2 linky parties, including some delicious and super-fast and easy summer recipes. Let’s start with these, shall we?


1. Delicious  Healthy Smoothy Recipes

We are having a heat wave here, and smoothies sound good, with or without kids, let’s make them! Want some too???!!

How to make

Yummy healthy  smoothies are super simple to make. It’s really easy to make different flavors: just change the fruit combinations!  Below are 6 true and tried flavor combinations for ultimately healthy and yummy summer smoothies.

  • Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, milk, natural yoghurt, ice cubes. About a cup full of each. Leave some raspberries out for decoration.
  • Bananas, cocoa powder, cups milk.
  • Bananas, milk, natural yogurt, mix of nuts (e.g. walnuts, pistachios, pecans), honey, vanilla extract.
  • Apples, milk, vanilla extract, ground cinnamon.
  • Bananas, kiwis, yogurt, spinach, ice cubes.
  • Mango, banana, pineapple chunks, coconut milk.

Play around with various proportions till you get it just-the-way-you like it! (Hint: You can’t really go wrong.)

Delicious  Healthy Smoothy Recipes

2. Homemade Lava Lamp

glow in the dark lava lamp

By Crafts to do with Kids

3. Entry Closet Transformation into Storage Bench

This is a perfect DIY Project for Home Decorators.


by Woven Home

By far the most involved and incredibly stunning project submitted. Granted, this is not a kids summer craft but as it is so good, I could not omit it in this line-up.

You won’t get project plans, but you will get lots of inspiration when you see the plain standard white hallway closet doors that were there before. This makeover is sublime in my book.

This is the view you’ll get when you first open the door. Note the smart mirror reflecting light into the area. The mirror is panelled to look like a window, and the glass fronts of the cabinet below continues that window feel.  It feels so open and airy.

This is a project that will take a bit longer than an afternoon.

Those are the features I have for you today,

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