Fun Summer Craft Ideas

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This article features the best summer craft ideas from the prior 2 linky parties. There are DIY & craft ideas here for everyone in the family, not just kids! Let’s start with  some delicious and super-fast and easy summer recipes, shall we? We are having a heat wave here, and smoothies sound good. Want some too???!!


  1. Delicious  Healthy Smoothy Recipes

    • Delicious Healthy Smoothie RecipesHow to make
      Yummy healthy  smoothies are super simple to make. It’s really easy to make different flavors: just change the fruit combinations!  Here are 6 true and tried flavor combinations for ultimately healthy and yummy summer smoothies:
    • Here are the flavors:
      • Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, milk, natural yoghurt, ice cubes. About a cup full of each. Leave some raspberries out for decoration.
      • Bananas, cocoa powder, cups milk.
      • Bananas, milk, natural yogurt, mix of nuts (e.g. walnuts, pistachios, pecans), honey, vanilla extract.
      • Apples, milk, vanilla extract, ground cinnamon.
      • Bananas, kiwis, yogurt, spinach, ice cubes.
      • Mango, banana, pineapple chunks, coconut milk.
    • Play around with various proportions till you get it just-the-way-you like it! (Hint: You can’t really go wrong.)
  2. Strawberry Lemon Yogurt Cake Recipe

    • lemon strawberry yogurt cake recipe Like to bake with the kids? Make this summer lemon, strawberry, yoghurt cake.
    • If you don’t count the flour and the sugar, this is a pretty healthy cake. In any case, it’s light, fresh and fruity.
    • By Cookin’ Food
  3. Homemade Lava Lamp

    • glow_in_the_dark_lavalampThis is a winner of a summer kids camp craft!
    • For this science project, you’ll need an empty water bottle, some cooking oil and water (in a ratio of 2:1), couple of drops of food coloring and Alka-seltzer tablets.
    • Fill your bottle starting with oil, then water, leaving leaving 1 inch free at the top. Watch the water sink to the bottom, and wait till all bubbles are gone.
    • Add the food coloring and wait till it slowly but surely start to tint the water.
    • Now the fun really begins: break an Alka-setzer tablet in pieces and drop them in, and watch what happens…. Amazing.
    • Once the spectacle is over, you can restart it by gently shaking the bottle, and you’ll see the bubble show all over again.
    • By Crafts to do, with Kids
  4. DIY Olympic Torch and Winners Metal

    • olympics_torch_metalsAs you can tell from this darling photo, making the Olympic flame torch is just one of many Olympic kids party ideas.
    • I personally love the idea of the winners metals necklaces, the country flag-adorned drinking straws and the Olympic rings wall décor — all to complement that magic wand! All so simple and a tight theme.
    • To make an Olympic Flame Torch, you’ll need
      – Fleece scraps in red, orange and yellow
      – Scrap polyester batting
      – Gold pleather fabric
      – 1 1/2 inch wide red grosgrain ribbon
      – Fiberfill
    • Sewing Notions (shears/rotary cutter, tape measure pins, thread & sewing machine, hand sewing needle)For the torch’s flame, start out by cutting out three leaf-shaped pieces as shown below, the yellow being about 3 inches high x 1 inch wide, the orange being about 4 1/4 inches high x 2 inches wide and the red being 6 inches high by 3 inches wide.  Sew the layers together to get a three layered flame.


  5. How to Glitter Your Own iPhone Case (tutorial)

    • Glitter_iPhone_Case This iPhone case make-over is most definitely glitzy!  It is so easy to make this. I wonder how long this glitter cover will last.
    • She used school glue & water, followed by layer of clear nail polish.  I am thinking that I would use other glue as school glue is washable, but it works, so who am I to say something.
    • I already did say everything there is to say about glue, in my glue article.
    • By the Concrete Cottage
  6. How to Make a Sparkly Necklace Pendant

    • jewelry making supplies
      Melysa made this pretty filigree pendant by gluing on various layers of other bling with some heavy-duty jewelry glue, E-6000.
    • (How do I get to talk about glue so much in this article??!!!)
    • By Moments with the Montanos
  7. Entry Closet Transformation into Storage Bench

    • entry_hall_bench By far the most involved and incredibly stunning project submitted. Granted, this is not a kids summer craft but as it is so good, I could not omit it in this line-up. You won’t get project plans, but you will get lots of inspiration when you see the plain standard white hallway closet doors that were there before.
    • This makeover is sublime in my book. This is the view you’ll get when you first open the door. Note the smart mirror reflecting light into the area.
    • The mirror is panelled to look like a window, and the glass fronts of the cabinet below continues that window feel.  It feels so open and airy. This is a project that will take a bit longer than an afternoon.
    • By Woven Home linky party and add your own creative projects. We want to see what you have made!

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