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Happy Monday! Time for a gorgeous home decorating DIY by Tammy Henderson. Or should I title this ‘DIY Lemonade Stand’? Today Tammy Henderson shares her amazing ability to again create a luxurious centerpiece using plain, simple recycled materials.  I mean ….. Lemonade bottles!!!!  The way she does it, is always unique. Here she builds upon the former role of the bottles and their association with lemons.  While the bottles are now flower vases, somehow you’d expect there to be a tray of lemonade coming out soon.

Over to Tammy on how to create this vignette.

DIY Summer Centerpiece using Recycled Plastic Bottles | Recycled Glass Bottles

Lemonade bottle use centerpieceRecycling. Using what you have. A few purchased items.  A tour around the garden.  Do all this, and you too will be able to create a summer outdoor centerpiece which will cost you next to nothing and that makes a personal statement.

The best part you get to enjoy the lemonade and use the bottle which you probably would throw out in the recycle bin to create a beautiful Summer centerpiece.

You may want to start looking a the bottles or jars that your food or drink  items come in…

lemonade bottleI know I did. My daughter purchased some lemonade. She was too lazy to take the empty bottle to the recycle bin.  I noticed the bottles. I really liked their shape. And so I decided to re-use them on my table outside for a summer center piece.

I know I did. My daughter purchased some lemonade. She was too lazy to take the empty  bottle to the recycle bin. I noticed the bottles. I really liked their shape. And so I decided to re-use them on my table outside for a summer centerpiece.

Lemonade bottle sticker

The sticker label was pretty easy to remove.

lemonade bottle sticker removal3

Although it did leave part of the glue left on the bottle.

To remove the sticky residue:

  • Take some nail polish remover and a piece cotton and wipe it clean.
  • This also takes off the black stamp on the bottle.
Lemonade bottle with ribbon

Some packaging comes with ribbon attached…don’t throw it away.

Lemonade bottle ribbon

With the ribbon that was part of the packaging on some candles I purchased, I simply wrapped this cute ribbon  around the bottle and tied it in a bow.

Sometimes less is more and by adding a simple bow to the bottle this creates a simple, but adorable vase to showcase some flowers from around the garden.

Lemonade bottle daisy

Snip a few flowers and place in your new bottle vases.

Lemonade bottle moss

If you are as lucky as I am to have a lemon tree or you can purchase some lemons, to  add to your centerpiece  place your bottles in the center of a basket tray or any tray add some moss and place your lemons around the bottles to to create a unique fresh summer centerpiece.

Lemonade bottle use centerpiece

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