Stunning Room Makeover: Before and After


Stunning Room Makeover Before After

Office craft room makeover before after ::


The changes are so plentiful in this room makeover, it’s hard to know where to begin describing it.

The ‘environmentally friendly, recycling decorator’-in-me likes to highlight green ideas and interior design ideas that you can copy in your own room makeover.


Highlights of this Room Makeover Before After … aka…

Steps to a Successful Room Makeover

1. Decide on a Pattern theme and stick to it.  Jill chose a very bold and bright patterns of stripes and chevron/zigzags.

2. Decide on a Color scheme. The navy blues blend with the black office chairs as well as the cobalt blues in the main rug.

The floorboards are of rather yellow-ish, which make them a perfect complement to blue hues in the room (remember that color wheel in high school drawing class?)

3. Add white. Lots of white, or a very light color to make the other colors pop, to create light in a room and to give it a certain elegance. Note how that entire back wall with built-in shelves and desks has been painted white. This alone makes the room larger, brighter and tidier.

4. Decide on a Decorating Style.  The graphic, contemporary look and feel of the room was embraced in all elements of the room: the rug, the throw, the lamp *, the side stools, etc., etc.

5. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Repeated, or nearly repeated patterns are pleasing to the eye. Makes you feel like every thing belongs there.

6. Don’t break the budget. Do what can be done inexpensively.  We are so wasteful as a society. Let’s curb that bad habit, one project at a time.  Recycle and Reuse.

7. Clear the clutter. Throw stuff away. Have smart storage. Tidy tools up, such as an iron, ironing board, etc. immediately after use. Close doors.  Remove frilly elements that are too small for a the room. Note how the desk lamps are too small and that adorable cast iron side table with the flower make the room look cluttered. The red/beige rug is also too small for the room.

8. Invest time/money in proper lighting, that both matches the color scheme of the room and gives light.

9. Remove wall-to-wall carpet. Consider adding floor boards, or at least wood laminate for an updated look.

10. Re-arrange the furniture to enhance the feeling of spaciousness. Note how the desk in the room center has been moved to the side of the room (beyond this picture), leaving a pleasing open space.

Well, that’s what I can see has changed.

Craftroom Makeover Before After :: Featured at

What else do you notice is better ‘AFTER’ than ‘BEFORE’? DO YOU AGREE WITH ME that this is a 10 out of 10 room makeover??



More Room Design Rules …

For more tips on how to give your own bedroom a complete makeover, read this article on: 10 Bedroom Design Rules. These rules really apply to any room.


In the Spotlight: The Room Makeover Designer

OK. Congratulations to Jill from the A little Bit of Everything blog  for being featured here at the Fine Craft Guild, and her complete new craft, office, lounge room! I am SURE she loves it! I’d like you to go visit Jill at her blog to learn what she has to say about her room makeover, as she explains where she bought most of her new furniture and furnishings.

(She also has wonderful travel photos on her site as well. Her current feature picture is from the flower market in Rome (Campo di Fiore). Would you guys/girls like to see more of my ‘000s of travel pictures too? Leave me a note below.)

* In a final completion stage of this room makeover before after, Jill adds stripes to her rectangular lampshade to match the cabinet it is standing on. Oh, what a winning lamp solution. Go check it out.




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