How to Make Strawberry Earrings


Strawberry Craft Week ~ Day 1: strawberry earrings.

strawberry patch

Oeeii… Strawberry season is Now! Strawberries are everywhere I look. They taste so sweet right now. My friend and I have been replanting a whole bunch of them, niftify-ing her strawberry patch. If you get the right type of strawberries and the right soil, their roots grow side-wise and you’ll get more and more and more strawberry plants as the years go by.  Am sure happy about that, because it made me I score about 25 free strawberry plants!  I am grateful.  And unlike the store-bought varieties, they are organic… but not yet ready.

Sharing my gratefulness, let us declare this STRAWBERRY WEEK, and we will feature one or more strawberry craft project each day, with free tutorials. 

DAY 1 OF STRAWBERRY CRAFT-WEEK: June 4-8:  Strawberry Earrings

strawberry earrings

Strawberry earrings speak like no words can, and say ‘SUMMER’’! 

These are really easy-to-make earrings.  In fact,  great to make with kids during the summer vacation.

For the pair on the left, I’ve added a ring to a small, green glass bead and hung both beads from the earring hoop.  I used my jewelry pliers to close the loop so the beads stay in place. 1/2 a minute project.  Sweet. Look, they look just like real strawberries when I hang them in a strawberry plant!


I’ve covered the beads of the pair on the right with shimmering-red glitter glue and hung them on a long copper loop for a bit more elegant loop.

Learn How-to Make Strawberry Earrings

2 free tutorials for you:

Tip: if make a few extra strawberry beads, you can make a matching strawberry charm bracelet and a strawberry necklace pendant. It will be a lovely summer jewelry set.

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Strawberry Crafts make awesome gifts, on their own, or to accompany a box of chocolates.

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