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A few days ago a reader, Shannu, commented on my Inspiring Stencil Projects that she wants a stencil cutting machine not just to make cute Valentine Cards, but to also make design stencils to help her paint her wall, and avoid the cost and hassle of wall paper. 

Stencil cutters is really good topic to cover on the blog, so I thought to answer her here instead of in a personal email.  Not all stencil cutting machines offer the ability to cut vinyl stencils. So I found one that does this and more: It allows you to do both smaller craft design as well as larger projects such as wall stencils. Without further ado: ….Drumroll please… may I introduce the Silhouette Cameo 4!

Stencil Cutting Machine for Wall Design Purposes

I think it’s fair to say the the Sihouette is one of the best known consumer brands of cutting machines, for creative projects. Silhouette has a few different models and sizes. One of the stencil cutting machines you could use for wall stencils is this Silhouette Cameo 4 Vinyl Bundle.   (#ad)

Silhouette CAMEO is an electronic cutting tool for personal use and it works much like a home printer, in that it plugs into your PC or Mac with a simple USB cable. However, instead of printing it uses a small blade to cut vinyl and more, and is perfect also for making somewhat larger stencils. What’s featured here is the 12″ and then ‘the length of your roll. There are even wider cutters for making huge stencils also. But let’s stick so something that’ll be good for you for this project and the next one also.


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Stencil Cutting Machine with Supplies

This Silhouette Cameo 4 Vinyl bundle is economical, as it comes with great extra items:

  • Silhouette Handbook – become an expert in no time
  • 20 exclusive designs
  • 2 regular cutting mats
  • 2 AutoBlades
  • PixScan cutting mat
  • 6 sheets of Oracal 651 vinyl, 1 roll of 12”x6’ transfer tape, 4 sheets of 12×24” vinyl, hook tool, scraper tool.
  • Plus: the basic Silhouette Studio software,
  • with 100 designs,
  • 1-month Silhouette Design store subscription,
  • and power cord plus USB cord.

Key Features

The Silhouette Cameo 4 is the evolution in desktop cutting.

  • The sleek Backlit touch panel lets you load, unload, and pause your projects in style.
  • Conveniently stored in the machine’s compact pull-out drawer is a new built in roll feeder for quickly cutting vinyl and heat transfer material directly from a roll.
  • On the back of the Cameo 4 You will find a built in cross cutter allowing for a clean straight edge cut on your vinyl roll for your next project.
  • The unique dual carriage allows for Tool Type detection.
  • The Cameos ultra-smart system uses tool sensor technology that detects what tool you are using which then triggers the Silhouette Studio software to adjust cut settings automatically.
  • The Cameo 4 stands apart from previous models with the new dual motor system, which allows you to cut in two distinct ways. Carriage one provides the Cameo 4 with unparalleled speed. It is operated from a solenoid motor that gives smooth and intricate cuts.
  • The Cameo 4 carriage 2 boasts additional cutting force! With the increased downforce of the Cameo 4, we now offer a new rotary and Kraft blade (Sold separately) that have been specifically designed to operate with the Cameo smart tangential technology. With smart tangential technology the Cameo 4 cuts thicker material without sacrificing quality with each cut. The Cameo 4 offers true mat-less cutting which allows cutting card stock, paper, and other materials without using a mat
  • The Autoblade has been reconfigured especially for the Cameo 4. Its single-tap reset will automatically adjust the blade setting for your project automatically, in no time.

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Make Your Own Wall Stencil Designs

A picture tells a ‘000 words so here are 2 videos for you on how to achieve stencil design on the Cameo:

This is the prettiest video on how to create your own reusable stencils. But this video gives the best tip to make stencils that are sturdy enough for wall painting: she uses vinyl dividers for your ring binders. Pretty cheap and yes, just the right type of material: flex but durable!

Silhouette Cameo is ideally suited to all kind so creative projects, from creating stencils for beautifully stencilled walls, to cutting fabric for sewing projects to 3D designs for gift boxes and Valentines Cards.

TIP: Any picture can become a stencil or artwork you can use in your Cameo. Besides making your own design for your wall stencil, there is the Silhouette Design Store, where you can find free or purchased designed that you can easily use as a base for your project. The sky is literally the limit.

Wall Stencils Done (or Not Your Thing)??!

Make Your Own Valentines Cards with the Cameo too!

Easy peasy…, and very, very cute. You’ll get instructions for this project from Silhouette directly.

Make Cute Personalised Cards with the Silhouette Cameo — Image by Silhouette

How to Use & Make Great Crafts with Silhouette Cameo

The type of projects you  could create with a stencil cutting machine include:

  • Vinyl projects – Cut out intricate designs in vinyl and apply them to your wall, car or almost any project surface.  But also….
  • Scrapbook layouts and cards – Cut titles, background designs, or shapes to embellish any scrapbook page or card.
  • Rhinestone projects – Add some bling to your projects by cutting a template with your Silhouette CAMEO and brushing Silhouette rhinestones into the design making them easy to layout and transfer!
  • Fabric Ink projects – Create a screen printed look by cutting a stencil using the Silhouette CAMEO and applying inks to your fabric projects.
  •  Heat transfer projects – Create custom apparel, accessories, and home décor by cutting out heat transfer material and ironing your designs onto your fabric project.
  • Paper crafting- Create custom invitations, boxes, and favors.

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Want to Compare with Other Stencil Cutters?

Sure. No problem. Have a look at this also great deal from Cricut, Silhouette’s main alternative. Simply click the image to hop over to their site.

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Freebie Stencil Design for you

To get you started, I thought to quickly design a nice tile for you. You don’t have to use all the elements in this template. You can choose a selection only to customise the design even further. This is a totally unique design for FineCraftGuild readers only. Don’t need these colors, of course. It looks very stylish just back and white!

Tip for use:

Wall stencil design for Silhouette Cameo cutting machine
Tile Design credit:
Rose from FineCraftGuild

Originally posted December 25, 2011; updated January 26, 2022

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