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Once you start stamping, there is no stopping, is there? That’s what I found at least. Last night I was preparing for this weekend’s art demonstration. I was using some watercolor paintings in the category ‘misfits & unfinished works’ as the base for some fresh Spring artwork to bring along.

What did I do, besides bringing my white & other color acrylics out?  I roamed through my ‘stencils & stamps’-box to find a gorgeous giant butterfly stamp.  After softening the prior work with some pastel tints & layering color washes, I applied happy orange acrylic paint on the stamp and stamped the butterflies right on top of each artwork.


Instant Spring…. and almost Summer !

 butterfly art



I’m not quite done yet, but you can see it shaping up.

Like it?



(Sorry, no ‘before’ picture of those ‘misfit/unfinished’ works of art.

I guess this is art article, rather than craft-post: when I do art, I do what I like;
no planning ;-).)



Here’s my gem of a stamp:


Yes, just a kid toy stamp.


If you want your own, …

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