Early Spring Home Decorating Ideas for Fireplace Mantels

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I am thrilled to announce the first home decorating ideas article by our regular contributing guest writer, Tammy Henderson. In today’s article she shares how to feature early Spring in our home decorations on and in front of our fireplace mantels.

Over to Tammy:


It’s been awhile since I have shared here at Fine Craft Guild…I have missed all of you, however life has been busy over at One More Time Events, where I have been assisting my daughter with her new adventure with her new online business called Farmhouse Decor. But I am back now and ready to share some exciting ways you can add and decorate your home with just a few hand=crafted and budget-friendly items. Today I would like to share how I decorated my fireplace. Don’t worry if you don’t have a fireplace. This can be done on any wall with a shelf or anywhere you see fit.

Spring Home Decorating Ideas for your Fireplace Mantels

Spring will be here before you know it and to be honest: I am ready for it now… There is just something about Spring that I love and it always seems to be here and gone so quickly. So… I am getting a little ahead of myself and bringing Spring in a little early.

I found this wicker basket with wooden handles at a local thrift store and couldn’t wait to fill it with some yellow daisies and baby’s breath. I shared how to winter-ize your home with baby’s breath a while back at One More Time Events if you would like to see more on this I would love for you to pop on over and take a look.

The nice thing about using baby’s breath it can look beautifully elegant all on it’s own and last for a long time, also it can be dried and still maintain it’s beauty.

I have now had this same baby’s breath for months now, still looks good right?

To create my Spring setting I was able to just add some of my favorite flowers and give it a whole new look.

I love the simplicity of it and yet it has such an impact by just adding a little color.
So basically you only need a few things for such a simple setting:

  • Large wicker basket
  • a few logs
  • bouquet of baby’s breath
  • bouquet of flowers /faux floral or you could even just use some from your yard. Even better: FREE.

Hint: if you are going to use fresh flowers place them in a jar or vase of water and place them down into a decorative bucket. Here I used a jar and set them down into a  galvanized decorative bucket to keep the rustic theme going.

home decorating ideas fireplace mantels

When putting together a setting or decorating I love to decorate by setting a scene with a story behind it and using like-items while keeping mediums and colors flowing throughout.

Wicker basket with wild flowers in a vintage frog frames all in front of a vintage window, silver and rusted items. Do you see how this all ties together?

Here I used an old vintage window as a background (also used as a fireplace screen) with the vintage window behind the basket filled with flowers and tree logs. This reminds me of looking out a window into a beautiful English countryside.

home decorating ideas fireplace mantels

Adding Early-Spring Decorations to the Fireplace Mantel

To dress up the fireplace mantel I used a couple of blank frames, a few frog vases filled with more baby’s breath and daisies.  The monogram letters are paper Mache’ that were painted and rusted.

In my last post here at Fine Craft Guild I shared how easy it is to add faux rust. Here I used the same technique.

home decorating ideas fireplace mantels

When decorating a mantel or shelf to keep it interesting and flowing:

  • Place your blank frames first one horizontal and one vertical overlapping them a bit.
  • Place your monogram letters on both sides of the frame and one in the middle.
  • Fill in with your frog vases filled with flowers this way you can see how it will all come into play.
  • To add height I used a mercury glass candle stick holder and placed one of the smaller frog vases (found at dollar store) to add the height and fill up the blank frame that sits vertical.  To fill in the horizontal I used a slightly larger frog vase (from Farmhouse Decor).
home decorating ideas fireplace mantels

Once the center-piece was in place and to fill up the rest of the mantel, silver candle stick holders were placed at each end of the mantel  to complete and balance out this vignette.

home decorating ideas fireplace mantels

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did putting it together. Thank you, Rose, for having me back to share another decorating idea. See you all next month.
Till Next Post…


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