Make a Pleated Tartan Girls Skirt with this Easy Pattern

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Make a pleated tartan girls skirt with this easy pattern and an old scarf, and transforms it into a pleated tartan skirt.

The pleated skirt pattern featured here was for a cuter-than-a-button 2.5-year-old girl (don’t you agree?!).

But you can use any kind of scarves and easily transform ‘m into all kinds of skirts.  I’m thinking… womens skirts, like maxi skirts or maxi dresses with pleated skirt sections… etc.

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This sewing project is so easy in fact, I’d dare to tackle it even without having a sewing machine on hand.

I love the tartan fabric on the scarf, which to me is kind of Fall/Winter, rather than Spring/Summer. But hey, this skirt is the design of a wonderfully skilled seamstress called Autumn, from  ‘Its Always Autumn’, and thus… who am I to argue with her!!!  This adorable pleated skirt for her daughter.

Oh that Beautiful Tartan Fabric

If you have no tartan scarf laying around, here are some tartan fabrics for you to make this skirt. You’ll need very little yardage of fabric as tartan tends to be wide. Eg. These two beautiful tartan fabrics are 42 inches wide. Both 100% cotton.

Buy on Amazon:

My 1,2,3 Quick ‘How I’d make this — Pattern / Sewing Instructions

  1. Measure ideal skirt length on girl + add 4x a seam width of 1/2” (one for the bottom seam, one for the top seam of the skirt, and ditto for the waist band). Cut fabric, and hem one size of it. This will be your skirt bottom hem.
  2. Measure girl hip & waist. Fold tartan fabric into neat folds of about 2” wide till you reach the desired hip & waist width. If hips vary significantly from the waist, be sure to make the pleats slightly wider at the top, so that you’ll end up with a few inches variance between hip and waist.
  3. Sew pleats in place, from waist till hip level.
  4. For larger girls and a more tailored fit, you may wish to insert a zipper, otherwise just leave an opening and close with a button at the fitted waist band. For toddlers, you may be able to get away with just making a wide skirt and pulling elastic through the waste band.

These are just my quickie-ideas. Now, if you want to see Autumn’s sewing project, you got to hop over to her blog, It’s Always Autumn (link above). There are also more details to the tutorial which you might need.


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Original post: March, 2013. Reposted March 2022.

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