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This idea of link lists instead of pages and pages of image is growing on me. Now I feel it’s time to start building some categories, so that it’s easy to find things and to borrow ideas from each other.

So, as of today, we’re going to do things a bit differently, as follows:

1. Below is the linky party for tutorial links related to Any DIY Home Decor or Craft related to Spring: ranging from Easter decor, spring clean crafts, and creative tulip growing… as long as a ‘how to’ is there in your article, it qualifies. Please join us and show us what you’ve been working on to celebrate Spring.

2. If you’ve been working on Other DIY Home Decor or Craft projects that have nothing to do with Spring, then enter your project in our General DIY Home Decor or Craft& linky party, which is a random selection of things.



Top in Party 33.

You’ve done an amazing job again this week. I’m so impressed with many of you, but I’m featuring just 4:

recycled garden fence as stair rails
1. Upcycled Garden Fence into Railing by Julie at Life at Fire Lake Camp.

If you’ve read my prior increasingly comprehensive overview DIY and Craft Ideas for Earth Day, than you’ll know that I’m excited about this project!

This rustic re-purposed garden fence railing project includes the stairway and the loft that is her home office. She found this wonderful old garden fence on Craig’s List for $125.00. What a great price. It would make a beautiful railing for her loft and stairway.
A jewel of a garden fence.

2. Reversible Reusable Clean/Dirty Bags  by The Silly Pearl


I actually love this idea, and not only for kids in school, but also for camping, picnics and long weekends away, when you have cutlery on the go.

I’d make these bags a in different sizes, including one to include a mug or two, or a few small plates.

3. Cute Bunny Egg by Mimetales (

As You know I love everything pink or pastel, or white even..
in short: feminine colors,
but once and a while, I can look through the eyes of others, as with this little guy.

While it’s called an Egg bunny, he reminds me of Mr. Potato-head.  So, I’m dubbing it: Potato-head in an Easter Egg costume!!!

This super cute Bunny Egg is easy for Kids  to make.

4. Girl Skirt with Giant Pockets – Free Sewing Pattern by Amada from Simply Homemade





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My Contribution to the Spring DIY, HOME DECOR & Craft Party

I thought to kick-off this Spring Craft DIY party with a few EASTER craft ideas that we’ve featured in other years:

Free Egg Knitting Pattern

Free Egg Sewing Pattern
Free Easter Coloring Pages
Unique Easter Ideas





Your Contribution to the Spring DIY, HOME DECOR & Craft Party