Happy Zafu Meditation Pillows in Paris

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Interested in ‘new age’ type DIY/Craft projects? Then I’m sure you’ve seen my pattern for Zafu meditation pillows. Remember this pattern??! If not, check it out first, so you know what I am talking about….

The detailed pattern is illustrated in a simple, calm ‘misty forest green’ fabric, resuling in very calm-looking pillows. The sewing pattern is also rather detailed for well-designed zafu meditation cushions.

Because what I want to share with you is this: Today, just off the Champs d’Elysee in Paris, I spotted a way on how to make that plain green zafu into a conversation centerpiece of my living room/yoga room. Here is a ‘happy’ embroidered burlap -version of the plain green zafu cushions.

All this color will bring a new dimension to sitting in lotus position for a while. The pillows will make a cheerful statement in any room design. And … they will be a reminder to do your daily meditation too!

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Embroidered Pillows

These cushions are all hand embroidered. What a way to personalize your meditation tools!

Something for you? To make your own personalized pillows, you’ll need is pen and paper and some doodling aka embroidery design time. Or look for a mandala-style embroidery pattern online. Once you have decided on the design, I suggest you import it into your computer, and play around with Photoshop or similar pattern to select the best color combinations. Once satisfied, order your embroidery floss. These online packages are amazing value as you’ll get a wide range of colors for under $15.

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