Make this easy Sock Monkey Cup Cozy knitting pattern for your hot drinks

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NEW :: Sock monkey coffee cup sleeve knitting pattern – a fun weekend knitting project | Oh, did I have fun with these monkeys!! Basically I spend all weekend designing, knitting and playing these cute little sock monkeys. We hung them in the trees.

sock monkey coffee cup cozy knitting pattern

We played a monkeys puppet show. (Ha, ha… you thought that all I did was look for you for Cyber Monday (all this week) Dealscoffee cup cozy knitting pattern

But I did think of you!!

Knit Your Own Sock Monkey Coffee Cozy

For all the people who are crazy about sock monkey: this is for you! I spent the next 2 days making an 10-page pattern for these sock monkey cup cozies! It’s done now, and you get to knit your own monkeys. As many as you like!

sock monkey knitting pattern cup cozy

p.s. Pattern for optional monkey ears included.

The design of this sock monkey is made to fit pretty much all sizes of coffee cups. The target was to fit a Vente latte Starbucks coffee cup. And as you can see, it also perfectly fits a small coffee cup. The secret is at the back of the cozy…

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