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Say Goodbye to Cold Feet and Hello to Sweet Dreams with This Sleep Socks Knitting Pattern | I am sharing a family heirloom with you today: an easy peasy knitting pattern to make your own sleep socks or house slippers. These knitted slippers have been in my family for ages, and I think all my nephews and nieces now have a pair or two. Uncles and aunts too.

sleep socks free knitting pattern


No More Cold Feet

If you tend to have cold feet, then these are a winner. And I’m not only talking about bad blood circulation type of people. When you come home, having gone through gloomy wet weather, these are a go-to!!! They make your feet toasty in no time and making you feel so at home and cozy.  They just are that quintessential home-thing.

The knitting pattern is for an average size foot and will fit most people. If you have very large feet, just add a few rows to the middle section. And do the reverse if you are petite. I have a sketch with all the measurements of the pattern, so it will be easy to make any adjustments you wish for.

sleep socks free knitting pattern

Best Knitting Pattern Ever for House Slippers / Sleep Socks?

To me, it’s one of the best sleeping socks or house slipper pattern around.

1. It’s so simple that it makes a perfect ‘learn how to knit’ project for kids.

2. It’s fast, so that you can make a slew of them and have a couple of good stocking stuffers for everyone in the family this year.

3. It’s versatile, in that the pattern can easily be adjusted to size. It’s also an easy pattern to embellish with roses, pompoms or any way you like. As well, you can easily make striking color variations: red and white stripes and a bleu pompom.

Later on this week, I’ll be knitting or crocheting some Christmas themed motifs and you can add these too.

sleep socks free knitting patterns

Or leave them plain and make them in grey or black. Then they will look more masculine. Yes, the sky is the limit.

The Sleep Socks Knitting Pattern

sleep socks free knitting pattern with pompoms

The pattern is an instant downloadable .pdf file. Restrictions apply: not for commercial use.

If you wish to make these for charity, please email me as I’ll modify the restrictions of use. You must provide your charity organisation ID number, country, etc. and yes, please pay for the pattern.

New Reduced Pattern Price

Get the pattern today for $3.50 only using the button below:

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