Simply good Chia Oat Crackers with Cream cheese and Smoked Salmon


These Stupendous Chia & Oat cripsbreads by The Foodie Market might be a British thing but this ‘recipe’ sure is a worldwide winner. I have had this cracker with cream cheese and smoked salmon snack almost anywhere around the world. The secret is to find your local suppliers for ingredients that are just a bit better.

The combination was first introduced to me when I lived in New York. Sampling an authentic Jewish bagel with cream cheese with lox converted me and got me hooked on this delicacy for life. But when I make it at home, I opt to make this snack as healthy as it gets. When I lived in California I used local seed-loaded multi-grain crackers from a bakery in Berkeley. When I lived in Vancouver I sourced baked goods from Vancouver island, which always tended to be a bit better made as island life is always a tat slower, more relaxed, allowing a bit more attention to detail. Now in London, this version includes those yummy crackers I mentioned before with sunflowers, chia and sesame seeds, Philadelphia cream cheese, and Scottish smoked salmon.

Let me not make this into a long post. Simply sharing my simply good morning snack with you: a healthy cracker, cream cheese and smoked salmon. Yuummmmm.

 cracker with cream cheese and smoked salmon  recipe by


Have a great morning, everyone!

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