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This simple and cute mini wallet free sewing pattern gotta be one of the most versatile around. They will hold a bunch of loyalty cards and credit cards. Or, they themselves are cute stocking stuffers for teens. And they are reusable wrapping for smaller, but perhaps very special, gifts. Make 30 and add a crochet number and you got yourself an unique, reusable Advent Calendar.

I need things like this to hold my earrings when I am travelling. And I need a mini wallet for my homeopathic medicine  – those tiny little pills that must stay in the dark. And, well, I could go on and on, but short and sweet, these little wallets are pretty versatile. So if you are going to download this free sewing pattern, don’t make one. Make a bunch of them!


In terms of fabric, the pink and cameo are definitely going to be a favorite by teens. Anyhow, these little wallets are great projects to use up leftover fabric scraps. And of course, with a few fabrics sewn together and used for this basic-shaped wallet, they look like super sophisticated quilting projects and will make great gifts for your creative and crafty friends.

Wallet Free Sewing Pattern

The original free pattern has been removed from Bluprint. So instead, here is my tutorial to replace the prior wallet free sewing pattern. Let me know if you have any questions.


  • 2 pieces of scrap fabric, same size.
  • 1 pushpin like the one shown here that goes through the fabric, or a simpler one that is sown on, on the inside.
  • Gorgeous Fabrics – see suggestions below

Wallet Fabric Suggestions

My fabric suggestions would be to shop for Quilt Fabric in Fall colors.

I love Rowan and Amy Butler quilting fabric. Check the link so see an array of beautiful colors and designs.

Rowan Fabrics

Or try Kaffe Fassett Fabric, #ad and particularly, their FreeSpirit #ad range. Gorgeous and/or really fun.

Cut the Fabric for your Wallet

Cut a rectangle that is 3x the height of your desired wallet height. As you can see it is folded over 2.5 times, plus you’ll need a .25 inch seam allowance at both ends.

Cut the rectangle at the desired width of your wallet, plus a .25 inch seam allowance on all sides.

Wondering what the height & width of your wallet should be? Easy solution: collect your favorite lipstick, key, credit or Starbucks card, plus whatever else you wish to hold in your wallet. Put them together and measure the dimensions. To allows for a .5 inch of stuff, you need to add .5 inch on either side of the width of the wallet as this is a flat sewn object.

Or create your own paper pattern piece with the desired dimensions. With the right sides of the fabric facing each other, cut your ideal wallet size plus those sew allowances.

Creating Wallet Flap

Actually, you don’t create the flap, it’s already there. You simply need to cut the corners on one side of your rectangle. Use the picture here at the top of the article as a guide to get your corners the right angles.

Preparing for Sewing your Wallet Together

Pin the two pieces of fabric together with the right side facing each other. Sew all the way around – now leveraging that seam allowance – but stop when you are 1.5 inch before the end. Turn your work right-side out. Hand-finish that last 1.5 inch.

Decide now on which of the two fabrics you want for the outside of your wallet.

Fold the wallet for sewing, and pin the sides of the wallet together, leaving the flap. Starting at the bottom seam on one side, top stitch the sides and then continue over the flap, and back down the other side – all around at a .25 inch from the edge.

Finish your Wallet off with a Button.

Either punch the button in, if you use the one shown in the picture, or sew on the internal push button. See this link to see a few options for buttons like this: https://amzn.to/30MZvP6 #ad You can get the buttons as well as whole kits to create all kinds of push buttons. Done! Now that was easy, right?!

You can probably sew this little number with fabrics you have. If you use super thin fabric, you might want to add a lining fabric. You can buy special quilting lining fabric, or simply use a neutral colored cotton fabric. This lining will give it structure and sturdiness.

First published in November 25, 2015. Updated 2024.

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