DIY Advent Calendar Knitting Pattern

This DIY Advent Calendar knitting Pattern makes a unique design with adorable little knit pockets. The pockets of all sizes, so your gifts will all fit in.  This is so much fun to make.  And with my 15 pages of detailed instructions, you too will be able to make one just like this, even as a beginner.

So much goodness went into this advent calendar knitting pattern:

  • It allowed me to recycle an old painting to act as a frame. (Tip: If you want to hold your pockets to hold heavier items, put a rod on top and bottom to fabricate a wall hanging, instead of wrapping a picture frame with fabric)
  • I got to use up 5 different type of yarn remnants; and
  • I had some fun making a bit of t-shirt yarn.


Santa Advent Calendar Knitting Project
Make your own t-shirt yarn for your knit Santa Advent Calendar


  • It’s the perfect project if you have only ‘bits of time’ here and there;
  • It let me experiment with yarn, needle sizes and get different gauges;
  • It’s a wonderful way to bring in a new color scheme of pastels for the holidays.
  • And for novice knittings,  you’ll get to practice 4 different easy stitch patterns: stockinette, ribbing, seed stitch, and plain knitting – and combinations thereof.

This calendar morphs with time

Because I chose non-traditional colors, and decided to simply not put all those numbers up, just a few, it blends soo nicely with all seasons.

First an advent calendar, then repurpose it for a Valentine calendar by adding red and pink boxes and candy. And for the rest of the year, this is hanging in the office next to the white board. with pens ‘n stuff. It’s a soft furnishing that overall softens all those office-y things. Which is particularly important now that we use our home office a lot  I’ve received really good feedback so far: everyone loves it. What do you think?

The instructions for this DIY Advent Calendar knitting pattern is 15 pages long, describing the construction of every single pocket in detail. 


Yarn for your DIY advent calendar knitting pattern

This pattern uses 5 different types/colors of yarn, which are detailed in the pattern. The idea is that you use yarn remnants instead of purchasing new yarn all the time. 


Easy Advent Calendar Knitting Pattern To Learn From

This pattern is a beginners pattern, and suitable for anyone who want to become a bit more daring in their knitting and not be ‘so perfect’ all the time. The calendar shows you the different levels of stretchiness resulting from different type of stitch motifs and yarn types.


Crochet Numbers Patterns for your Advent Calendar

This advent calendar knitting pattern can be built upon with this set of crochet numbers pattern, to be sewn onto the pockets, if you wish.  Personally, I like it rather plain instead, but I wanted to give you this option.  I will reduce the cost of the number pattern this December to $1.90.


When to start your DIY Advent Calendar Knitting Pattern?

Love a Handmade Holiday? Personally, I do.  Practically speaking, you should have your advent calendar completely knitted in early to mid November to be able to send them to grand children in the second half of November, for a December 1 start.  This NEVER works for me. Does it for you?

I particularly like knitting seasonal items during that season. Often means that by the time I am finished with the projects, the season is nearly ended.  So, I have come to have peace with that by simply seeing my completed work as a very early start of next year’s seasons.  Stress over. 

Start now making this DIY advent calendar project, give it a big push in the ‘Christmas in July’ – summer season just in case you’re not finishing this by this Christmas.  Then, there will be no stress when you send it out next year in November. :-)

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