Advent Calendar Printable Download

This Christmas advent calendar – printable download will delight your family members, young and old. In fact, they are great for kids. I so remember waking up and being about to open a little door of my calendar and get a treat. Such joy!

Print all images out on card stock and add a magnetic strips to become a muffin tin advent calendar.
Or use the cards as tags for individual gift envelopes or boxes – you can use the printable images in many different ways.

You will get 4 pdf pages with 6 images each.
Each numbered image is 3×3″.

The set print resolution is 300 dpi for a nice professional finish.
Use a different resolution for a larger image result.

Advent Calendar project ideas & tutorials for these advent calendar printable downloads:
** Gorgeous Advent Calendars with Muffin Pans and
** Best DIY Advent Calendars for Adults & Kids

Final artwork free from copyright notices.

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