Egg Warmer Knitting Pattern for Cute Cactus

his egg warmer knitting pattern for cute cactus came about by the desire to make something small today, that I could create start to finish in one day including a blog write-up, pattern and photos.

I wanted it to be a knitting pattern as I have been doing way too much crochet lately, and I wanted the core focus of this blog be on knitting. Also, I know that for some items, there are only crochet patterns and limited knitting patterns, and an egg cozy is one such item.

You can make a couple in a variety of colours and details and group them together in the kitchen or windowsill on display. Or use them to bring cheer to the Sunday morning breakfast table.

The benefits of egg cozies is that they do indeed keep your eggs warmer. And if you’d like to eat your toast first, like I do, then you will still have a warm egg when you are finally ready to eat it. If you put an egg warmer over it.


EASY TO MAKE — Egg Warmer Knitting Pattern

This is a very easy pattern as it is knit flat with two needles. Anyone can make this quick project that makes a fun, stylish statement on your kitchen table.


YARN — Egg Warmer Knitting Pattern

Use the cotton yarn you happen to have on hand, or as specified in the pattern.  And be sure, to add some whimsical yarn details


20% of this pattern’s profit goes to UnicefDo good by buying this pattern.


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