Easter Egg Cozy Crochet Pattern

Just in time: an Easter egg cozy crochet pattern to dress up your holiday baskets and festive brunch table.

To ensure they will  bring cheer  and look beautiful on the Easter morning breakfast table, make them in the color and embellish them in a style that matches your table setting. 

The benefits of egg cozies is that they do indeed keep your eggs warmer. And if you’d like to eat your toast first, like I do, then you will still have a warm egg when you are finally ready to eat it. If you put an egg warmer over it.


EASY TO MAKE — Easter egg cozy crochet pattern

This is a very easy pattern.  The flowers are embroidered on.  Anyone can make this quick project that makes a fun, stylish statement on your  Easter brunch table.   Make some today and be ready for Easter.  

These cozies are basically blank canvases, for you and the kids to take things further. Add pompoms, flowers, faces, bunny ears, embroidery X stitches all around. Agree on a theme and then make them all ‘variations’ on that theme.  If you want to use these warmers at other times besides Easter, go for something fun like adding a silk rosette, or a crochet ladybug.


YARN — Easter egg cozy crochet pattern

What is featured is acrylics yarn in pastel yellow, but honestly, you can use any yarn that  you happen to have on hand to make egg cozies. It’s a perfect stash busting project that uses up the smaller bits of yarn left.


5% of this pattern’s profit goes to Unicef

You are doing good by buying this pattern.


TIP: Also see my other egg warmer knitting pattern for cute cactus-themed table decoration — if you want to try something completely different.


Note: you can download this pattern 8 times within a year.


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