Yoga Socks Knitting Pattern – Gladiator

It’s the easy yoga socks knitting pattern you’ve always wanted: great to wear for yourself, and as gifts that work up fast, for friends and family.

This is a 1-skein wonder that you’ll actually wear. A lot. These socks are comfy, soft and warm where needed, but not slippery. This makes them suitable for yoga and a range of other sports, but personally, I love these for walking around in my home!

Even if you don’t do yoga, pilates or dancing  (yet), you can use these equally for your pedicure moments.  Also, if you use detox patches below your feet, these socks are a godsend. If you wear patches at night, you don’t have to put on warm socks (which I dread when the weather is too hot). Just slip these yoga socks over your patches and you’re done.

May they inspire you to have fun, be fit and healthy! That’s what I designed them for.

Yoga Socks Size: M ( and instruction to go up / down in sizes are included in the pattern)

I made a few different variations of these socks: longer, shorter, and one design with gladiator sandal heels… How cool is that.

The gladiator back of the heel is designed to compensate for the lack of stretch in the thin  100% Egyptian cotton  sport-weight yarn used.  I would equally make this in any other kind of sock yarn with some stretch.   The patterns addresses both types of yarn.
US 3 – 3.25 mm.

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