Lace Up Ballet Shoes Crochet Pattern

Every  little girl wants her mom to make some sweet crochet ballet shoes for her. But some moms, like me, would like a pair of ballet shoes for  herself!  There are quite a few ballet shoes crochet patterns for baby girls and toddlers, but hardly any for adults. So, I fixed that with this womens lace up ballet shoes crochet pattern here. So that we all can have some pretty shoes also.


To clarify, this pattern makes for elegant and unique crochet ballet shoes to wear around the house.  You can dance around at home, but don’t expect them to sub for real ballet shoes to do real ballet training, right?!


Fast and Easy Pattern

This lace up ballet shoes crochet pattern is relatively easy and fast to crochet.  It  is suitable for beginner (albeit not novice) crocheters.  The laces are finished with a curlicue, so you’ll learn how to crochet these too.


Crochet Stitch Motif

They are beautifully made in a crochet shell stitch. Be sure to look at all the pictures so you can see it better. Black does to photograph very well.   But these dainties make you feel quite special on.


A shell stitch is a crochet motif  that takes the shape of shells, and is often used as a border around other patterns.  But here it is used in rows to create a gorgeous textured fabric pattern.

The stitch is used for the front part of the shoes, and a simpler pattern (that’s easy to adjust for a perfect fit) at the back end of the shoes.


Ballet Shoe Size

The size of the pattern is written for what I think is one of the most common shoes size: 7.5 US. Then, in the pattern I give suggestions on how to adjust for sizing as well as for wider feet.



I use an aran acrylics blend yarn here, because it is so easily washable.  I used hook 4.5 mm instead of the typical 5mm to get a firmer fabric and stronger construction.


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