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Easy bed socks knitting pattern for straight needles – Gonny

Easy bed socks knitting pattern: These bed socks will leave your feet and your ankles toasty.  They help me fall asleep instantly, every night!   So, be sure to make a couple of pairs. Otherwise… what are you going to do when this pair is in the wash?!  


Gift Idea

As well, you will find that this knitting pattern is an ultimate stash busters. Not only is it made with two strands, all your friends will want a pair also! Perfffect.


Color choices

Use darker colored yarn if you want to wear them as house slippers. They are so warm to come home to. Take off those high heeled pumps  and slip into these. … And ahhhh… Life is good!

This is an easy – bed socks – knitting pattern. Cold feet at night? No more. Put these socks on when you go to bed. The top rim is and should be knit loose enough, so they can come off at night, when your feet are warm.  Your body will naturally take them off when ready, so you won’t overheat.



One size fits most.  They should fit loose rather than snug as the air pocket around your foot is what warms your feet.

If you’ve been looking for bed socks for elderly: these are it!

Meanwhile, the rims are tight enough so the socks stay on when using them as house slippers.


Yarn Choices

While this pattern is using inexpensive acrylics, you can very easily convert the pattern to a luxury version and make yourself a pair of cashmere sleep socks. Cashmere is soft, warm and breathable. Excellent yarn choice for sleep socks.


Knitting Pattern Tips

An absolute winner.  This ankle-high sleep socks knitting pattern is super simple and ideal for beginners. All you have to know is how to count and make the knit stitch. Everyone can do that.

The crochet rose is optional and just for fun.   And even the flower pattern is beginners-level easy.  You’ll knock these slippers up in no time, and yes, of course, a fantastic XMAS in July — let’s start early making gifts – idea.

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