Chic Cosy Cable Slippers Knitting Pattern

The Chic Cosy Cable Slippers knitting pattern makes for pretty slippers that scallops next to your skin. Very elegant for a pair of house slippers, I might say.


Fast and Easy Pattern

The slippers are knit in one piece with two needles, worked flat.  It does not come easier than this.

Definitely a beginners pattern, but not a true novice.  In fact, it’s a great way to try out working with cables with all of the ‘commitment’ that most of these pieces of work entail!  Call this a lazy knitters’ cable!

I personally love the look of cables, but I need projects to finish fast, otherwise they tend to not get completed. Just in case you are the same, you will only find projects here at the FineCraftGuild’s knitting & crochet shop that are of this nature.


Knitting Stitch

Besides the occasional cable twists, there are not complicated stitches in this pattern. Pretty straight forward.

Slipper Size

The size of this pattern is pretty forgiving.  It’s quite the opposite of Cinderella’s shoe: this lovely slipper seem to fit everyone I have made it try. I made it to fit the 37.5 EU size or 7.5 US shoe size, but it even fitted someone who wears 40.  So this truly is a 1 size fits most.

Usually I provide some instructions to alter the size in the pattern, and if I didn’t on this one, just email me and I’ll see what I can do for you.  What is also important is the width of your foot.



I make all my slippers with an acrylics blend as that’s so easily washable and comfortable. Too much wool content, and your slippers will naturally felt over time, i.e. become tighter. Just a little bit of wool.



This is a cable slippers knitting pattern written in plain English, using US knitting terms.  Buy it as an Instantly Downloadable .PDF pattern.  


Optional extra

If you’d like it make tiny pompoms and / or larger pompoms for these slippers add some jazz, here’s How to make pompoms .

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