Oversized Triangle Shawl Pattern

This trendy oversized triangle shawl pattern features two easy variations: a giant white cross or a trim with tassels.  My idea was to design a basic shawl knitting pattern, and then make it look completely different by embellishing it in many different ways, .. and tell you how to do this.


If you, like me choose a wool-acrylics yarn blend, you’ll have a wonderfully warm accessory.  And if you like my colors, you already know that  black, white and grey match everything. Also, without any embellishment but  in variegated  yarn, this will be a real treasure in your wardrobe.




My latest variations is to add a finish of 2 rows of crochet in fuzzy duo-tone yarn to the outside of it. This gives it a nice finish. I added a few photos to show this.

The first thing I added when designing the pattern, however, beaded tassels. That has been proven a great idea. Besides their whimsy, the tiny bit of extra weight helps the ends of the triangle scarf to hang better.

The second design element I added was the cross. It can be applied afterwards or interwoven into the knitting pattern. Do whatever is easiest for you. The pattern will describe both methods. It is shown in ‘bold-statement’-size. This makes it a bit Gothic. If you want to make the cross a tat smaller and to be more Christian, that’s possible too. The pattern indicates you how-to vary the size of the cross.


EASY Oversized Triangle Shawl Pattern

Everything is simple about this shawl. The stitch is stockinette, and the appliqué can attached afterwards if you wish. It’s a perfect ‘bring along’ project.

If there’s one thing that would ‘not’ make this the ultimate knitting beginners pattern, it would be its size. It’s not a small project.

But because of its size,  it will make a great statement, and therefore be forgiving of tiny knitting errors and things that did not you don’t like how it turned out (beginner knitters can overly critical of their own work but you don’t need to be!)



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