Fashion Scarf Knitting Pattern Fast n Easy

Fashion Scarf Knitting Pattern – Fast n Easy

An easy-wearing fashionable knitted scarf is has a simple, open-worked construction.

It is  just the perfect size and made with a mid-weight fabric so it’ll carry you through the seasons.

The open worked pattern ‘lightens’ the heavier yarn creating a perfect balance between the two.  Keep  that in mind if you when considering your yarn.



Make this scarf in any colour you wish, albeit that in the current neutral dune sand colour, it will fit just about any outfit, any time.

Use darker colours, like black, moss green or navy, if you are making this scarf for men. Even pale blue could work if combined with a rugged jacket.

Knits up very fast. What can I say — I did call it ‘lazy scarf knitting pattern’ for a reason.

While not the kickstarter due to the 1 specialty stitch involved, the stitches are all simple enough for this to definitely be a beginners knitting pattern.



The featured stitch is cutely called ‘Luie Wijven Steek’ in Dutch, although its official name is ‘Riviersteek’.

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