Jord Womens Wooden Watch Sunglasses Gift

If you’re about simple sophistication, then this one is for you!  Get yourself (and your friend) this gorgeous premium set of stylish ultra-slim minimalist wooden watch and matching trendy wooden sunglasses by Jord.

The both items in the gift set I got are made with dark wood with gold design elements, but you can choose your own preferred wooden design colors.


Chic Womens Wooden Sunglasses

The darker frame and light weight of the sunglasses are perfect for wearing in glaring winter or summer sun, and seem to match every outfit, from chic to casual, and of course, perfectly matches your watch!

All sunglasses by Jord are of premium quality.  This trendy style is called Louie, which comes in a several types of wood. The one in the picture is ebony which is finished off with vintage bronze detailing.

Jord also have fashionable blue light glasses with come with CRB+ lenses, which filter out emitted blue light. Unlike traditional blue light glasses, CRB+ does not create a yellow hue and offers superior clarity while blocking the majority of blue light. For optimal strain relief and reducing blue light absorption, CRB+ lenses provide superior performance over economy lenses.


Sheer Luxury in a Time piece

The Jord watches all feature sapphire glass, which is known in the luxury watch world as the definitive material for transparency and durability.  The Frankie II Watch in ebony is the newest one is a series of the most popular wooden watches in the world.   Easy to see why.



It fits you!

Jord watches can be tailored to the perfect fit. You can request your exact wrist size.  Its ultra slim case befits my slender wrists.  I choose my strap to be slightly loose so I can wear it over a sweater sleeve. Beyond tailored sizing, you can further personalise your Jord watch with engraving on the gift box and watch itself.

Wrapped to Perfection

Your gift set will come ‘wrapped to perfection’.  Besides looking gorgeous, all Jord watches come with a set of extras, from care and info booklets, to extra links and parts for just in case moments, cleaning cloths.

The glasses come with a free stylish glass case that I will be using to carry and store my glasses.

While I’m not sure if this was intended, but  — the recycling-obsessed person that I am –, I am re-purposing all the strong matt black boxes of the gift set in my office to stylishly store my stationary. And I know you will too.


A Gift to Give

What’s shown here is a special and unique gift for a mom, wife, friend, son or daughter. Or you. But actually there are custom gift sets for women and men!

Hop over to Jord Watch Shop (an FineCraftGuild sponsor/affiliate for many years) and find your own watches, glasses or entire gift set.


A Gift to Get

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Mens / Womens Wooden Watch contest – Terms and conditions apply:

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