St Patricks Day Clover Crochet Pattern – Easy

Lucky Shamrock!  This 4-leaf St Patricks Day Clover Crochet Pattern is easy. Someone once pointed out that shamrock has only 3 leaf, so let me be precise then and explain that this pattern is suitable to make both 3 leaf shamrock and … your lucky 4 leaf clover!  And it’s good to be used in many patterns: crochet bikini, crochet garland, brooch, keyfob, granny square etc.

How do you crochet a shamrock? How do you crochet a four leaf clover? There are actually many ways to do this, and I chose a way that is both super simple, fast to make, and looks great!

And as a bonus tip, if you are making a field of flowers and leaves, eg. to make the fabric for a pouch of a pillow, then this 4-leaf shamrock is great as a backdrop for smaller flowers.  And combined, these two make a great brooch or key fob too!


Endless ways of using this lovely crochet shamrock

Add a crochet chain with a tiny tassel and you have a bookmark, attach an elastic band for a fun hair band, use it as the center for a crochet granny square, add it to your phone cozy with a clip, or pin it to your bag for a fun accent. And an idea I just came across today: add your shamrock to one of your amigurumi dolls.


Get your hooks ready for this 4 Leaf Clover Shamrock Crochet Pattern – Easy

If you like to crochet to make the holidays throughout the year a little bit more special, then crochet lucky 4-leaf clover for St. Patrick’s Day.  Be sure to share the luck!



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